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Social media sentiment analysis of the oscar race

IBM Analyzes the ‘Big Picture’ at the Oscars

Jean Dujardin et Béatrice Béjo dans "The Artist"

As a parade of actors, directors, writers and industry luminaries strut down the red carpet at the 84th Academy Awards this Sunday, Hollywood insiderswon’t be the only ones eagerly waiting to hear “and the Oscar goes to…” They’ll be joined by millions of movie fans around the world who’ve beensupporting their favorite nominees on Twitter. And thanks to a social media sentiment analysis conducted by IBM and the University of Southern California  (USC) Annenberg Innovation Lab, they can see how their favorites differ from the Academy’s choices. The project demonstrates how analytics can be the next game changer for Hollywood by influencing entertainment content and box office sales through a better understanding of consumer sentiment.

|  Here’s how you can join the conversation about IBM’s social media sentiment
|  analysis of the Oscar race:
|  — Using advances in analytics and natural language processing, IBM, USC and
|  the Los Angeles Times have measured and analyzed millions of daily public
|  comments via Twitter, comparing volume and even more importantly, assessing
|  tone. Dubbed the Oscar ‘Senti-Meter’, the tool has uncovered interesting
|  trends, such as Hollywood insiders favoring “The Artist” to win Best Picture,
|  while “Midnight in Paris” is the fans’ dark horse favorite.
|  — The Oscar Senti-Meter can identify positive, negative and neutral opinions
|  — even snarky vs. sincere tweets about the best actor, actress and film
|  nominees — demonstrating how technology can help organizations uncover
|  hidden insights and better understand consumer sentiment toward their brands.

|  Analytics can help movie studios quantify the types of films and celebrities
|  fans prefer, improve the customization of film distribution and marketing
|  campaigns, and evolve test screening and exit survey processes.
|  — According to Harvard’s Neiman Journalism Lab, social sentiment analysis is
|  informing journalism, enabling news organizations to explore valuable new
|  dimensions of reporting, while increasing awareness of consumer interests.
|  — IBM’s collaboration with USC is also helping students gain highly sought
|  skills in the latest technologies that will set them apart in the business
|  world.
|  What They’re Saying
|  — The Los Angeles Times introduces readers to the Oscar Senti-Meter.
|  http://lat.ms/xpuhpV
|  — Fox News explores how Twitter might predict who will win the Oscars.
|  http://bit.ly/xkE1hf
|  — GigaOm spotlights social sentiment analysis to determine the “People’s
|  Oscar.” http://bit.ly/zh2Q79
|  Join the conversation on Twitter
|  #socialfan   #analytics   #bigdata   #peoplesoscar

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