Helping brands to transform themselves into a Social Business

I  spend my time immersed on the web helping to accelerate the adoption of social technologies and philosophies in large enterprises. I’m fascinated  by the societal implications of user generated content; social computing and new methods of information decision making for organizations; and  the role of the individual  in a networked society

Delphine Remy-Boutang Delphine Remy-Boutang is the founder & CEO of the social bureau. Created in 2012, the social bureau is a London / Paris based, social business consulting agency. In today’s environment collaboration is more vital than ever. Our mission is to work with organisations to move business in the new paradigm of customer, partner, employee participation. Delphine is ex – WW Social Media Marketing Director at IBM. She was at IBM for 11 years ago and lived in London for 14 years. She was in charge of digital influence strateg and execution at IBM. In Charge at a WW level in moving IBM Software Group marketing into online and social media marketing, focused on driving innovative marketing capabilities via the web. Responsible for articulating social media marketing plans across Software Group globally and help lead their implementation. Helping drive the transformation of digital communications and marketing at IBM,  deploying digital social intelligence , and social business advocacy For the last 4 years, she led the enablement of a successful transition towards adopting social media as part of the marketing mix.This in support of IBM’s strategy of enabling and activating IBM’s 470,000 employees as representatives of the brand.To understand her legacy at IBM, read more here on Petit Web  She is a frequent speaker at seminars, on the subject of social media marketing and its effective use. She was the Co-Chair of IBM Social Media Marketing Summit 2010 in New York City. She has also been interviewed numerously on the subject of Social Business: BtoB Magazine USA: The Social Life, guest blogger on France Television blog and helped shape their Social Media guidelines. French article on Social @ IBM :”IBM voit du social partout”  for VAD e-Commerce on how IBM humanize the web and lately on  Social Media B2B in action.  She can be found on Twitter (@delphinerb), she blogs Social Business Strategies. She also runs a daily newsletter on the subject of Social Business. To find out more about her legacy at IBM, you can read this article here.

Delphine is a frequent speaker at seminars, conferences on the subject of social media and its effective use. For more information, visit here:  www.thesocialbureau.com and follow us on Twitter @thesocialbureau @delphineRB


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Elias Shams says:

    Hello Delphine, I just read about your in Socialmediatoday.com. Recently, I created a poll on LinkedIn about their choice of Social media channel of choice. Out of my 305 c0ntacts, 38 responded. 50% voted for LinkedIn, 21% voted for Facebook, 7% Youtube, 7% Twitter, and 13% voted for all. Anyway, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Cheers Elias, Washington, DC – city of politics, corruption, and scandals 🙂

  2. Thomas Morrison says:

    I love your blog and would love to guest post an educational article I have written pertaining to social media and the conflict in Egypt. If you are interested please email me for more information.

    Thomas Morrison

  3. Mike10613 says:

    You have an interesting blog, I’m linking my blog today to it.

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