Getting the most of Pinterest yet ?

Pinterest has gained a lot of attention recently.  it’s captured the attention of 10 million monthly visitors (and growing) . And It’s sending more referral traffic than Twitter which has made businesses sit up and take notice.

Pinterest’s early users were focused mainly on sharing fashion and consumer products. But now it’s steadily expanding to cover all manner of visual content. So is Pinterest about helping  you generate more leads and greater engagement for your business?

Pinterest is designed to give users the ability to pin up visual content (as if pinning something to a notice board). While you may be focused more on text-based content in other areas, on Pinterest you should be thinking photos, infographics, charts, ebook covers, videos etc.

As with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, the value of Pinterest lies in the network of followers you can attract. The best way of getting followed? Follow others and pin and re-pin great content

As with most other social media, the more engaged you are, the more your community will engage with you. So make sure you actively like, comment and re-pin other users’ pins.

Don’t let Pinterest be an island. Integrate it with your presence on Twitter and Facebook etc so others are aware of what you’re pinning. Plus, add a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button to your sites.

Make sure your profile name is your business name, it’ll make you easier to find (if you join as an individual, you can change your profile name in the settings). Pinterest has also just rolled out new member pages where you can have up to 200 characters to give a bit of background (you can include a text URL in addition to the weblink button Pinterest includes as standard).

Pinterest is an excellent place to give customers a behind the scenes look into your business. It offers you a chance to show off your people, your events and where you work. Ultimately, it can help your customers put a face to the (brand) name.

While you may get busy finding and creating new visual content for your Pinterest boards, there’s nothing to stop you inviting customers to share their content too – this may be photos of them using your product, or at one of your events, or simply around a theme that you choose. You can even incentivise activity with prizes or just a bit of kudos.

Pinterest will happily suggest a number of ‘off-the-shelf’ board names. But to stand out (and be more findable on search), you should give some thought to what will really spark people’s attention.

Good pins get liked and re-pinned – often without any additional comments or descriptions being added. So make sure you include your brand name and URL into the description of your pin. That way you can travel with it.

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