Social Selling

Every companies should advantage of technology that will help achieve business objectives, while simultaneously practicing secure, responsible computing habits.

Each day, more and more IT buyers are embracing social media to self-educate themselves about solutions to their business problems and to network with their peers. Given that 70% of buying decisions are made based on information found online* — even before a salesperson has a chance to get involved — it is critical that sales team in businesses have a visible and trusted presence when customers decide to move to the purchase phase.

All sellers should develop and establish an online presence for sharing their expertise and creating personal eminence.  It’s a new way to approach your clients, however they want and wherever they are.

Here is a four-step plan to successfully apply digital and social selling in our sales tactics.

Step #1 – Establish an online presence

Having an online profile is not a choice anymore.. Think of  a social network such as LinkedIn or Twitter to establish a critical, easy-to-access, individual online presence.  Pages can be customized with up-to-date information, valid for his or her selling role and posted in the local language.  The more tailored the content, the more effective the page is.

Step #2 – Incorporate social networking into the sales process

Make digital and social interactions a part of your daily business activities and recognise that there is much more untapped potential

Step #3 – Include digital & social elements in your business objectives

Establish your personal digital and social sales goals and use more of these tools and techniques in your interactions. Set the use of digital and social media as a core part of your business activities. Review  the progress of your digital and social integration.

Step #4 – Encourage and recognize adopters

It’s important to encourage and recognize those that are embracing digital and social selling practices.  Award the “Digital Seller of the Month” to reps that demonstrate effective use of these digital and social tools.And lead by example, by actively using Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare etc.

Happy Social Selling !


One thought on “Social Selling

  1. Horatiu says:

    Hi Delphine,

    At Step #2 you say “Incorporate social networking into the sales process”. Which one do you think is the best approach? Using an inbound approach (i.e. someone writes @ibm), a trigger-based approach (someone mentions a competitor, or a needs), or an outbound approach (adding filters like “employees that are active in social media” when researching companies/people to contact for direct sales)?


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