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Social Selling

Every companies should advantage of technology that will help achieve business objectives, while simultaneously practicing secure, responsible computing habits.

Each day, more and more IT buyers are embracing social media to self-educate themselves about solutions to their business problems and to network with their peers. Given that 70% of buying decisions are made based on information found online* — even before a salesperson has a chance to get involved — it is critical that sales team in businesses have a visible and trusted presence when customers decide to move to the purchase phase.

All sellers should develop and establish an online presence for sharing their expertise and creating personal eminence.  It’s a new way to approach your clients, however they want and wherever they are.

Here is a four-step plan to successfully apply digital and social selling in our sales tactics.

Step #1 – Establish an online presence

Having an online profile is not a choice anymore.. Think of  a social network such as LinkedIn or Twitter to establish a critical, easy-to-access, individual online presence.  Pages can be customized with up-to-date information, valid for his or her selling role and posted in the local language.  The more tailored the content, the more effective the page is.

Step #2 – Incorporate social networking into the sales process

Make digital and social interactions a part of your daily business activities and recognise that there is much more untapped potential

Step #3 – Include digital & social elements in your business objectives

Establish your personal digital and social sales goals and use more of these tools and techniques in your interactions. Set the use of digital and social media as a core part of your business activities. Review  the progress of your digital and social integration.

Step #4 – Encourage and recognize adopters

It’s important to encourage and recognize those that are embracing digital and social selling practices.  Award the “Digital Seller of the Month” to reps that demonstrate effective use of these digital and social tools.And lead by example, by actively using Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare etc.

Happy Social Selling !


Exclusive: Hipstamatic, Instagram To Unveil Photo-Sharing Partnership | Fast Company


SXSW Interactive 2012: All you need to remember!

South by Southwest is one of the annual events to not miss to discover the future digital uses. It was a great American show where the major players of the Web, start-ups and professionals were gathered to discuss and reflect on current issues. And it was in the city of Austin, Texas, that all these people converged, over 30 000 participants. Social democratization was well on its way!

This year, events and conferences focused on social television, Internet music, video games, social media marketing, mobility, venture capital, law and the Web and so on. The atmosphere at SXSW is atypical: you can cross the homeless turned into Internet terminals or a young woman from Fedex with a coat full of batteries! You can see or experience things that you do not see anywhere else. For example, I gave my person participating in a crowd surfing experience (see below)!

But these five days were not relaxing! Indeed, this festival is a marathon: all participants were running between each conference to discover the latest trends and applications that will radically change the way we live and communicate. It was during the previous editions that Twitter and Foursquare have emerged. SXSW is full of the latest innovations and applications. It is at South by Southwest that the future of the web emerges. This year we had expected announcements such as the arrival of Instagram on Android and unexpected news. It was at that time that I interviewed Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram. This application is fantastic and it can transform the most common walks the most  into a quest of interesting images. The popularity of Instagram is without precedent even professional photographers use it. This is the case of Richard Koci Hernandez (his website  here) which is the best advocate of Instagram with 27 million users. Kevin Systrom told me that the challenge for them [Instagram], was how to encourage people to shoot and share their photos without waiting for specific feedback.

The image returns to the heart of our concerns and the popularity of websites like Pinterest are the proof.

I attended many conferences very interesting such as the one of Ray Kurzweil on the expansion of our intelligence without limits. He shared his vision of the future with the audience. There was also the presentation of Danah Boyd on the power of fear in networked publics was absolutely fascinating. Tim O’Reilly, meanwhile, demonstrated the importance of building a sustainable business and a sustainable economy. Rainn Wilson’s presentation was the most hilarious of all the SXSW Interactive Festival (see link above).

Actors of social commerce were also present such as Bazaarvoice, recently listed on the Nasdaq, showing the boom of this phenomenon in the U.S. but also in Europe.The curation was also the focus of discussions with the presence of, a key player. ( created a special SXSW and I had the chance to interview their CEO Guillaume Decugis (@ @ gdecugis scoopit) is based in San Francisco but it is a French project!

SXSW was also the parade of big names of the web with the presence of Google, IBM, Bing and Facebook who had their own stands or lounge. Facebook, meanwhile, has taken this opportunity to highlight the Timeline (or chronological log).

Here I am with my model Todd Watson,  Social Media and Search Marketing Manager, IBM.

Goodbye IBM and Todd Watson!


The Megatrends of the festival:

The application that everyone was talking at SXSW was Highlight. This application lets you know if a friend, a friend of your friends or someone who shares the same interests as you is close to where you are. To do this, this application relies exclusively on Facebook and GPS on your smartphone. I also interview the teams to Highlight:

Other major trends of this festival SXSW 2012 apart Highlight, were Local Mind and Forecast. Local Mind is an application asking people already in one location what do they think about it and how is the atmosphere. I downloaded the application and it is absolutely incredible. The collective intelligence at its best! (Here’s the video below)

Forecast was also one of the biggest trends this year. Forecast allows publishing what you will do tonight / tomorrow and your friends can choose whether to accompany you click on “me too”.

In addition, PepsiCo has initiated a very astonishing project, by providing participants with a digital pen and a notebook. Anything written in this notebook is scanned by the pen and it is transcribed as data which will then be exploited by Pepsico. So how does it work concretely?

Finally, Isis, a new American service was revealed in preview at South by Southwest. Isis is not yet commercially available and its release in the U.S. market is expected this summer. This service can turn a smartphone equipped with NFC technology into a virtual wallet containing credit and loyalty cards. Link interview here:

The winner of this festival was Cerealize, a start-up that won Startups Bus 2012.Cerealize offers the ability to customize the ingredients in its cereal boxes for breakfast. The customization is orchestrated by a highly visual interface and everything is delivered directly at home. Interview of finalists below:

To conclude on these five days of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, we talked about new applications for smartphones that reveal, in a particular place the people who share the same interests as us. We also talked about collective intelligence (with LocalMind implementation for example), we talked about how new technologies are revolutionizing our institutions, how we interact, learn and communicate. Anyway, we talked about the future in a completely unbelievable atmosphere punctuated by conferences and parties like this:

To find the best moments of SXSW Interactive 2012, here is a powerpoint summary of this extraordinary and unusual festival.

SXSW Interactive 2012: ce qu’il faut retenir!

South by Southwest est un des rendez-vous annuels à ne pas manquer pour découvrir les futurs usages numériques. C’est un grand show à l’américaine où les personnes influentes du web, les start-ups, et les professionnels se retrouvent pour discuter, réfléchir sur des thématiques actuelles. Et c’était dans la ville d’Austin, Texas, que toutes ces personnes convergeaient, plus de 30 000 participants. La démocratisation sociale était bien en route !

Cette année les événements et les conférences étaient axés sur la télévision sociale, la musique sur Internet, les jeux vidéo, le social media marketing, la mobilité, le capital-risque, le droit et le Web, etc. L’atmosphère qui règne à SXSW est atypique: vous pouvez croiser des sans-abris transformés en bornes Internet ou encore une jeune femme de Fedex avec un manteau regorgeant de batteries! Vous pouvez voir ou expérimentez des choses que vous ne voyez nulle part ailleurs. J’ai par exemple donné de ma personne en participant à un crowd surfing expérience (voir ci-dessous)!

Mais ces 5 jours n’étaient pas de tout repos! En effet, ce festival est un peu le parcours du combattant: tous les participants couraient entre chaque conférence pour découvrir les dernières tendances et les applications qui changeront radicalement notre façon de vivre et de communiquer. C’était durant les éditions précédentes que Twitter et Foursquare ont fait leur apparition. SXSW regorge des toutes dernières innovations et applications. C’est à South by Southwest que l’avenir du web se dessine. Cette année au programme nous avons eu des annonces attendues comme l’arrivée d’Instagram sur Android et des nouvelles inattendues. C’est à cette occasion que j’ai pu interviewer Kevin Systrom, CEO d’Instagram. Cette application est fantastique et elle permet de transformer nos ballades les plus communes en une quête d’images intéressantes. L’engouement pour Instagram est sans précédent même les photographes professionnels l’utilisent. C’est le cas de Richard Koci Hernandez (son site ici) qui est le meilleur avocat d’Instagram avec 27 millions d’utilisateurs. Kevin Systrom m’a expliqué que l’enjeu pour eux [Instagram], était de parvenir à encourager les gens à photographier et à partager leur photo sans attendre un retour spécifique.

L’image redevient au coeur de nos préoccupations et la popularité des sites comme Pinterest en sont la démonstration.

J’ai pu assister à de nombreuses conférences très intéressantes comme par exemple celle de Ray Kurzweil sur l’expansion de notre intelligence sans limite. Ce visionnaire nous a fait partagé sa vision du futur. Il y a eu aussi la présentation de Danah Boyd sur le pouvoir de la peur sur les publics connectés qui etait absolument fascinante. Tim O’Reilly quand à lui, nous a démontré l’importance de créer un business et une économie durable. La présentation de Rainn Wilson a été la plus hilarante de tout le festival interactive SXSW (voir le lien ci-dessus).

Des acteurs du social commerce était aussi présent comme Bazaarvoice, entré récemment au Nasdaq, démontrant le boom de ce phénomène aux Etats-Unis mais aussi en Europe. La curation était aussi au coeur des discussions avec la présence de, un acteur incontournable. ( Ils ont d’ailleurs crée un special SXSW et j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer leur CEO Guillaume Decugis (@gdecugis @scoopit).  est basé a San Francisco mais c’est un projet français!

SXSW était aussi le défilé des grands noms du web avec la présence de Google, IBM, Bing et Facebook qui avaient chacun leur lounge ou stands. Facebook, quant à lui a profité de cette occasion pour mettre en avant sa Timeline (ou journal chronologique).

Me voici avec mon model Todd Watson, Social Media and Search Marketing Manager à IBM.

Goodbye IBM and Todd Watson!


Les Grandes tendances de ce festival:

L’application dont tout le monde parlait à SXSW était Highlight. Cette application vous permet de savoir si un de vos amis, un ami de vos amis ou encore une personne qui partage les mêmes intérêts que vous se trouve à proximité de l’endroit où vous êtes. Pour cela, cette application s’appuie exclusivement sur Facebook et le système GPS de votre smartphone. J’ai d’ailleurs interviewer les equipes de Highlight:

Les autres grandes tendances de ce SXSW festival 2012 mis à part Highlight, étaient Local Mind et Forecast. Local Mind, application qui consiste à demander aux personnes déjà présentes sur un lieu leur avis et l’ambiance qui y règne. J’ai telechargé l’application et c’est absolument incroyable. L’intelligence collective at its best ! (Voici la vidéo ci-dessous)

Forecast était aussi une des tendances phares de cette édition. Forecast permet de publier ce que vous allez faire ce soir / demain et vos amis peuvent choisir s’ils souhaitent vous accompagner en cliquant sur « me too ».

Par ailleurs, Pepsico est à l’initiative d’un projet des plus étonnants, en mettant à disposition des participants un stylo numérique et un petit carnet. Tout ce qui et écrit dans ce journal est numérisé par le stylo et sera retranscrit sous forme de données qui seront ensuite exploitées par Pepsico. Donc concrètement comment ça marche?

Enfin, Isis, un nouveau service américain a été révélé en avant première à South by Southwest. Isis n’est pas encore commercialisé et sa sortie sur le marché américain est prévue cet été. Ce service permet de transformer un smartphone équipé de la technologie NFC en un portefeuille virtuel contenant des cartes de crédit et de fidélité. Lien interview ici:

Le grand vainqueur de ce festival fut Cerealize, start-up qui a remporté Start-ups Bus 2012. Cerealize offre la possibilité de personnaliser les ingrédients dans ses boites de céréales pour le petit déjeuner. La personnalisation est orchestrée par une interface très visuelle et le tout est livré directement à domicile. Interview des finalistes ci-dessous:

Pour conclure sur ces cinq jours qu’a duré la conférence South by Southwest Interactive, on a parlé des nouvelles applications pour téléphones intelligents qui permettent de découvrir, dans un lieu donné  les gens qui partagent les mêmes intérêts que nous. On a egalement parlé de l’intelligence collective (avec LocalMind application par exemple) on a parlé de la  façon dont les nouvelles technologies bouleversent nos institutions, notre façon d’interagir, d’apprendre et de communiquer.  Bref, on a parlé de l’avenir dans une ambiance completement incroyable rythmée par les conférences et les parties comme celle-ci:

Pour retrouver les meilleurs moments de SXSW Interactive 2012, voici un powerpoint récapitulatif de ce festival hors du commun.

Twitter acquired Posterous

Blogging and sharing company Posterous has announced via its company blog that it has been snagged by Twitter in an apparent ‘acqui-hire’, with Twitter interested mostly in the people, not the product. Various Posterous engineers, product managers and more will join the Twitter team and the existing ‘Spaces’ that users have will remain up and running for now.

Twitter says that it will give users ‘ample notice’ if it is going to make any changes to the service.

In its own announcement, Twitter says that its acquisitions of ‘people and technology’ have enabled it to make the service better. Likely going to see the service being shut off after a little while. Twitter  states that if users would like to back up their content or move it, that they will share ‘clear instructions’ on how to do so within the coming weeks.

The team at Posterous is indubitably talented. Posterous founder Sachin Agarwal is a former member of the Final Cut Pro team at Apple, where he worked on the product for 6 years before leaving to form Posterous.

Today’s acquisition brings in the biggest ‘new hire’ class at Twitter yet, with over 36 people joining the company.

Agarwal says that “the opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe.”

He also emphasizes that Posterous Spaces will remain up and running “without disruption” and that notice will be given to current customers if any changes are made.

Agarwal adds a note to the users of Posterous, especially those that have been with the service for a long time. “The last four years have been an amazing journey. Your encouragement, praise and criticism have made us better.  Thanks for that. We look forward to building great things for you over at Twitter.”

Twitter has followed up with its own post about the acquisition, emphasizing that its acquisition is very much about the people behind Posterous:

Today we are welcoming a very talented group from Posterous to Twitter. This team has built an innovative product that makes sharing across the web and mobile devices simple—a goal we share. Posterous engineers, product managers and others will join our teams working on several key initiatives that will make Twitter even better.

Al Gore, Sean Parker call for ‘Occupy Democracy’ movement online

Nothing gets my cynic juices flowing quite like hearing people call on the Internet to fix the political system. Former Vice President Al Gore and online entrepreneur Sean Parker gave an overflow crowd at the South by Southwest trade show…


Suivez SXSW sur FrenchWeb et Live Orange

La 19ème édition de South by Southwest Interactive se déroulera à Austin au Texas du 9 au 13 mars prochain. Au total 17 000 participants et quelques 5000 startups sont attendus lors de ce festival dédié aux futurs usages numériques. Près de 200 conférences animeront quant à elles cet événement, consacré également à la musique et au cinéma.

Delphine Rémy-Boutang, du Social Bureau, couvrira pour FrenchWeb et live Orange blog, toute l’actualité des nouvelles tendances qui dessineront le web de demain.

#sxsw #orange #frenchweb

The 5 Types of Influencers On The Web

Via Scoop.itSocial Business strategies

Whether we’re talking about social media, content promotion or basic networking, it’s often advised that small business owners reach out, engage and connect with their “influencers”.

Cashless mobile payments about to go mainstream

Earlier this month,Barclays released its new Pingit app – which it says allows account holders to transfer money to other consumers via their mobile (up to a value of £300 a day).

Unlike traditional money transfer services, however, Pingit does not require sort codes or account numbers; individuals simply enter the mobile phone number of the person to whom they wish to make a payment and funds are transferred instantly. And while, at present, only Barclays customers can use the app, the bank says it has plans for a much wider roll-out of the service.

To date, one of the biggest barriers in this area has been security – large numbers simply haven’t believed that mobiles are a safe way to conduct financial transactions. At the start of the 10s, for example, only 20% thought they were as reliable as computers (although this climbed to 30% among the young). Barclays, however, has paid considerable attention to this – claiming its registration process is “watertight” and that all traces of the app can be removed remotely should the handset be lost or stolen.

In combination with its obvious convenience credentials, Pingit can be expected to seriously boost the appeal of mobile payments and 2012 is likely to be the year when the notion becomes much more mainstream. And while we might expect it to be embraced most enthusiastically for small-ticket items, over time many are bound to become more open to the idea of paying for more expensive items in this manner.

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