Addicted to Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is described on its website as a “virtual pinboard” – a site for you to ‘Pinboard’ your interests, and other cool stuff you find online, and at it’s heart a  space where you can collect and store all those wonderful things that inspire, intrigue and give you joy and fun. It is more of a visual space where images and videos are cataloged in your own categories and I am already addicted to it …AND it can also be very useful as all content aggregators are for SEO and marketing.

Pinterest although over 8 months old and already fast becoming one of the top used sites online is still in the invite only stage – if you remember Google used this launch strategy to great effect! So you will require an invite from the people at Pinterest or a friend who is already a user.  Once you have your profile filled out you can begin to use the Boards you are given to start with or create some of your own. Boards are essentially categories under which you store and add new images or videos that fit under the same topic. Examples could include: hairstyles, wedding gowns, shoes, decorated rooms etc.

Pinterest also has apps for iPhone or iPad.

Pinterest Categories

addictive! and set to become a real trend in social content aggregation.

The platform is incredibly simple to use — almost to the point where it is refreshing to see a new social networking site that fulfills a purpose we might not have realized we wanted. Users can create “boards” to which they “pin” images with very short descriptions (i.e. article title, price tag amount, etc.) that link back to the original playing around with Pinterest, I have to say that the site is just a little addictive, and it’s no wonder that it is growing so steadily in popularity.

Essentially, they are visual bookmarks but designed in a way that is organized and can be shared with friends. It gets even more social as you can elect to allow friends to pin photos and info to your own boards, and vice versa.

New to Pinterest? Here is how to get started:

Pinterest: A Beginners Guide

Pinterest Blogger Benefits

I have just begun to think seriously about how this new site could be used for SEO and content marketing and I am sure as I use the site more, even more ideas will come to me and I promise to share them.

For the time being though, here are just a few ideas to get you started thinking:

  • Create a Pin Board devoted to your local area and make sure you use the name in each description for local marketing purposes
  • Use keywords in your descriptions
  • Use good quality images on your boards as Pinterest is highly visual
  • Collate a Pinboard that directly relates to your industry
  • Don’t just be about business
  • Put up a Pinboard that is set to allow other users to post to it and hold a contest to find the best pic about [your niche or local area]
  • Make sure to add the Pin It button to your browser so that you can pin your images from your latest blog post and link back using the url in the description
  • If you have a WordPress blog add the WordPress Pinterest Plugin to the bottom of all your posts

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Pinterest yet?

  1. Alex says:

    Useful post, thank you. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how brands start to use this to communicate. I love already the Lands’ End Canvas Holiday promotion:

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  3. […] Addicted to Pinterest yet? ( […]

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