Which one are you?

New classification of people and their relationship with web 2.0:

Digital Native:

They’ve grown up in a highly digital world and are totally at ease with using online platforms and learning new ones.

Savvy Technologist:

They feel comfortable using most online social platforms and digital tools. These people approach new platforms with gusto, but often let others scout things out before joining in.

Reluctant User:

They are aware of the digital world and social media but hesitate to explore the digital space. They do not think about or use digital tools more than necessary and generally resist incorporating those tools into their lives.

Digital Contrarian:

They fear and dislike the digital world. They sneer at social networking and use email only because they’re forced to. They prefer phones and fax machines.

Digital Newbie:

Last spotted in 1997. Believed to be extinct.

Challenge:  to get all these people working together.




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