Social media common sense

Using social media does not have to be convoluted or complicated. Since your social media presence can make or break your business, you better think ahead… Some tips to start without failing

  • don’t have to have it all figured out to get started. Just get started !
  • Pick your name wisely, it’s your brand. Don’t over complicate it… (mine is @delphineRB. I wished @delphine wasn’t taken…)
  • Be consistent across social networks. (With your name, logos and branding.) Create your digital presence
  • People will judge you by your profile picture.
  • People want to network with People, not a brand. Make it personal
  • MySpace isn’t MySpace anymore. Everything changes, learn to adapt.
  • What you share on the Internet, lives forever and ever, and ever
  • Don’t create and abandon. Start with one social media presence and build on it.
  • Ask lots of questions. It’s a great way to learn, meet people and build a community.
  • Unfriending is much harder than friending.
  • You are what you tweet, facebook, +1, blog etc…
  • What you get out of your social networks depends on what you put into them.
  • Social media isn’t free. You’re investing your time and you will eventually invest in people, and tools.

Social media should be taken as seriously as you would any other business endeavor. Would you start a business without a business plan? So don’t treat using social media any differently.


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