Have you started on Google + yet?

Google+ cannot be missed from your social business strategy.

I’m very much active on  Google+ and I like the clean, non-cluttered experience that I get.

Google+ has had a growth rate much faster than that of Facebook or Twitter.  And Google is rolling out a navigation system across these products that subtly and effectively promotes Google+.

Google+ is literally everywhere once you get started,  If you are on Gmail, you’ll see a red notifications box alerting you to any update to your posts or posts you’ve interacted with.  It’s really easy to check them without even leaving the page.

Google’s search is now using the +1 button (the Google+ version of a Facebook “Like”) to help influence its search results. You’ll notice more  blogs  are  adding Google+ “+1″ buttons to the existing Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Easy steps to get you started on Google+

Sign up

Register for a Google+ profile. Pretty easy, even more if you’re already using Gmail.

google plus getting started

Upload avatars

Much better to have a  picture of yourself than logos of your business. You can create a business page later; right now you want to create a personal profile.

Google+ is filled with cool animation designs, and one of them happens on your profile. If you have more than one profile picture, each time you click on the image, it will flip to the next one.

A useful glitch in your profile.

The next time you’re on Google+, try hovering over people’s names. Do you notice how some people have lots of text describing what they do and some have very little?

Connect with the rest of your social networks

On your “about” page, check out the  “other profiles” section.

  • Links to other social media networks
  • Links to your business sites
  • Links to special pages on your website

Engage! Look for interesting people

If you’re not following people, Google+ it will get boring. So start circling people you want to follow. The search field in Google+ keeps getting better.

In addition to following people, be sure to +1 their posts and comment on them. Try resharing posts to specific circles of people. Experiment with hangouts. I did one recently with Caisse D’Epargne  and I was blown away by the technology.

Play with the type of posts they share on Google+. Some people are simply reposting their blog links. Others are finding Google+ to be a phenomenal tool for sharing pictures and videos.

I think it’s important to offer something different on each social networks. Try something different with Google+.

After you’ve gotten familiar with Google+ as a person, then repeat the process in making a Google+ page for your business!

Oh and as I’m writting this blog,I read that Cadbury  UK chooses Google+ to launch Dairy Milk Bubbly yesterday

Cadburys chooses Google+ to launch Dairy Milk Bubbly

Writing on its brand page  the firm wrote: “Remember this moment: the first time Cadbury revealed a new product on Google+. The delicious new Dairy Milk Bubbly, available with milk or white bubbles, will be the first of many we hope!”

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