When Instagram meet Facebook

Instagram has been growing super fast with over 15 millions users in the World. Considering, it’s only available as an iPhone app… And its social features have been at the heart of it, even if Instagram is in essence a photo sharing app,  is now expanding its own integration with a smart new feature, the ability to upload full size photos to the social network Facebook.  All Instagram photos shared to Facebook will be added to a dedicated Instagram folder. There, your friends will be able to browse the photos in full view.

You can also share Instagram photos from that folder to your timeline or a friend’s timeline as well as in private messages and pretty much anywhere on Facebook.

After The White House  joined Foursquare in August. The President Obama recently joined Instagram. Instagram touted its newest member in a blog post.

“We’re excited to welcome President Barack Obama to Instagram!” CEO Kevin Systrom wrote. “We look forward to seeing how President Obama uses Instagram to give folks a visual sense of what happens in the everyday life of the President of the United States.

Instagram feels like Facebook in the early days. I go there for a pure social experience and to see what my friends and family are up to and see the photos they are sharing.

There are  three things you can do on the app :

1/ following people

2/ commenting

3/ liking photos

And that is plenty…  I don’t really want to be doing anything else when I’m on Instagram and the experience is incredibly simple and social at the same time. Join me on Instagram. I’m DelphineRB there too


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