Muxi … the new social network

Well, I just unlock my invitation for the beta version of Muxi . Everyone talked about it lately and it seems to be one to watch for…

What strikes me, is the new vocabulary … Fraternity, circle, Share to Frat, Share to Circle, Social hierarchy (whatever that means..) Suddenly, you enter a world already intimate. Very different from LinkedIn, which has over the years reduced  to headhunting purposes. I don’t know about you, but I receive about 2/3 headhunters call a week via LinkedIn. We don’t use it as much as we did a couple of years ago, the groups, questions, events which was great LinkedIn features. For event, you go to Lanryd now when it comes to Social Media conferences. Don’t get me wrong, I love LinkedIn, but it might need to re-invent itself a little…

So, new vocabulary, and new ambiance all together: My fraternity, my circle.On Muxi landing page, you get this sign of belonging  straight away. You are not yet another Director of Marketing .  It  feels that you entered a world, a new world where you will belong . I will have a circle of friends, and a fraternity… people that are similar to me, and that have the same challenges. So they can help me and vice versa. Sharing is caring, right !?

Is Intimacy the new way of being social ?


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