My wish (tech) list for 2012

Siri, unlock my iPhone

Instead of typing in a passcode, wouldn’t it be great if Siri could unlock an iPhone simply by recognising its owner’s voice?

A camera as easy to use as a the one on my phone

My camera phone besides the fact that I can email and Tweet photos instantly, has an user-interfaces super super simple. Not so on most pocket cameras, a device whose sole purpose is to take pictures. Clunky settings menus are especially inexcusable from cameras that come from companies that also make mobile phones. Haven’t these guys heard of synergy?

A 7-inch iPad

Everyone talks about the rumour of an Apple television that utilizes voice commands à la Siri, but the product that I would love to see from Apple is a paperback-sized iPad that could fit in my little coat pocket. Bigger than an iPhone + smaller than an iPad = just about right. I would need a new matching iPad case, for sure.

A true Google tablet

When Google acquired Motorola this year, they announced that they wouldn’t give preferential treatment to Motorola when it came to the Android OS. But they should. Sure, it will probably anger all of their partners who rely on Android, but a deeper marriage between hardware and software could result in a tablet worth buying that’s not an iPad.

A real reason to use Google+

Social networking doesn’t need to be all about Twitter and Facebook, but until Google+ gives  a compelling reason to use it—other than the fact that it’s not Twitter and Facebook—and despite the fact that it’s disconnected from the other networks – mainstream social networking in 2012 is still going to be about, you guessed it, Twitter and Facebook. And Foursquare coming up too…

And a little black dress

And a another little black dress

Oh and a little black dress to go with a new pair of  Louboutins


So good bye 2011, and hello 2012

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