Predictions of mind reading and more

A lot of people wait for things to happen. It’s rare that an organization says: this is a big change, and it’s coming…

Every year we predict the future of technology via the IBM 5 in 5 initiative — our forecast of five innovations that will help transform aspects of modern life, making the planet smarter, within the next five years. We assess not just the availability of a new technology but also the likelihood of its  large-scale adoption.

We’ve been issuing the IBM 5 in 5 predictions for the past six years. So, how are we doing? Mindful of the difficulty, and considering the fact that for most of the predictions less than five years have passed, we’ve done pretty well.

Two of the first year’s predictions, for instance, have pretty much come true:

  • We will be able to access healthcare remotely from just about anywhere in the world. Today, through telemedicine, patients can connect with physicians or specialists from just about anywhere via inexpensive computers and broadband networks. Doctors can view x-rays and other diagnostic imagery from thousands of miles away.
  • Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance. Nanotechnology is now used in countless fields and industries, including agriculture, biotechnology and sensor networks, enabling us to understand and interact with the natural environment like never before.

Energy: power your home with the energy you create

5n5_energyAnything that moves has the potential to create energy. In the next five years, advances in renewable energy technology will make it possible for us to draw on power generated by everything from our running shoes to the ocean’s waves. .

Security: you will never need a password again

5n5_securityOver the next five years, your unique biological identity and biometric data – facial definitions, retinal scans, voice files, even your DNA – will become the key to safeguarding your personal identity and information and replace the current user ID and password system.Cast your vote for the idea that biometrics will replace your passwords.

Mind Reading: no longer wishful thinking

5n5_mindWhile much of the brain remains a mystery, progress has been made in understanding and reading electrical brain activity where we can use computers to see how the brain responds to facial expressions, excitement and concentration levels, and the thoughts of a person without them physically taking any actions.Read the rest of Emerging Technologies’ Kevin Brown’s article about how your mind will be linked to the devices you use everyday.

Mobile: closing the digital divide

5n5_mobileThink about what you can already do with your mobile smartphone – check your bank account, tweet, watch television, and oh yeah, make a call. But all of this access still depends on where you are, and you have to initiate the communication.Read the rest of CTO of Telecom Research Paul Bloom’s article on how mobile technology is closing the digital divide.

Analytics: junk mail will become priority mail

5n5_analyticsIBM believes machines will soon be engaging in perpetual sensemaking, where the machine is looking for information without interaction of the human.  When these systems come across relevant information based on the patterns on your life, it will be presented to you.


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