My magic check-in with Dennis Crowley at l’Elysee

Dens and I at l'Elysee, just like that !

Dens checking-in at l'Elysee with me (and others...!)

Last week was a consecration on many levels, but this was one of my top personal moment at Le Web. Dennis Crowley, yes @dens, CEO of Foursquare was with us in Paris, at Le Web and I was lucky enough to spend some time with him. First, we checked-in together at l’Elysee…It was a special cocktail party organised for Le Web speakers by Loic & Geraldine Le Meur with Nicolas Princen, Advisor for New Media and Information Technology, Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy. And by the way, It was a real pleasure to get to know Nicolas Princen afterwards at the Dinner at La Villa. Thanks Nicolas for a great discussion…

Anyway, back to Dens. I’m very pleased to share with you my dear readers,  this exclusive interview with Dens, filmed by topnotch  blogger  Henri Kaufman who posted an article and this  interview on his blog . Henri, as part of the Blogger Agency led by Cyril Attias, was one of our IBM Official blogger during Le Web 11

#leweb #lewebibm


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