IBM at Le Web11, Thank you Loic &Geraldine

For the very first time, IBM was present at Le Web . And not only we were present, but we were platinum sponsor , with the Press & Blogger lounge and  Le Web Studio…It has been an incredible hectic last 3 months of team work  with Geraldine, Loic and their team. (Cedric Giorgi, Michelle, Christophe Douystessier, Sybille, Karyn… ) to get to where we were during those 3 intense days. Thank you to all the IBMers that have worked with us to make #lewebibm such a fantastic success: Sandy Carter, Nigel Beck, Kathy Mandelstein, Amina Chafri, Yves Darnige, Karen Lilla, Henri Rimbaud, Joel Rubino, Ed Brill, Philippe Laboureix, Antoine Jean-Pierre, Renaud Raffaeli, Patrice Tagli… And a huge thank you to the IBM Bloggers gang and their dedication to  #lewebibm. They eventually got the idea of why I decided to call them “the bloggers gang” at the opening of Le Web event…

Photos by @jibees for LeWeb11 Conference @ Les Docks -Paris-  LeWEB11’s photostream

photo source:Neil Mcintosh

We took part on the plenary I discussion, talking about How is Social Local Mobile changing enterprise. Our own Nigel Beck flew  from San Francisco to share to the 3,500 attendees of Le Web  how at IBM is helping companies to transform themselves into a Social Business.

Just ten years ago, there was another significant shift in the way people interacted with each other: the Web came to the workplace. From e-commerce and peer-to peer file sharing to the emergence of web-based solutions for financial, accounting, and supply chain systems, the web has become a serious business tool for organizations and industries of every kind. And the evolution continues….

Rather than a way to gain fans or followers, a Social Business uses software and hardware tools to create new pathways centered on people and the relationships between them―helping to solve the persistent problem of searching for the information needed to accomplish tasks, make decisions, and inspire new ideas.

Sandy Carter, WW VP Social Business Software took part of the social enterprise track along with Richard Collin from Next Modernity and our client Danone represented by Nicolas Rolland that I had pleasure meeting at L’Elysee earlier on in the week for the Cocktail Party at l’Elysee organised by Loic & Geraldine. Sandy, As IBM Vice President, Social Business Sales and Evangelism  is responsible for setting the direction for IBM’s Social Business initiative, a $200B market opportunity.

Companies and organizations need to change the way they work. Social tools, social methods, and collaboration in general cannot be restricted to your customers and certain departments. HR, internal communication, and IT are only a few business units that can leverage a shift to a social enterprise. How can organizations manage this shift, and the opportunities and threats it can represent? What tools can you use?You can watch the video of this session here: Social Organizations is a Paradigm Shift

If you don’t have a social strategy, I’m not sure where your business is going … Do not be left behind, and get your social business strategy in place 
As you begin the transformation toward becoming a Social Business, it’s critical to partner with the right people. With market leading technology, extensive expertise in how people and organizations work, and a lengthy track record of applying system thinking to the world’s most challenging problems, IBM can help your organization and here is HOW:

IBM official bloggers gang (not all of them are on this picture)

Optimize the workforce

Help individuals be their most effective, while enabling the right talent to come together at the right times to solve business problems.

IBM offers:

Integrated, real-time communications to easily find and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners

Cloud collaboration to simplify the way you work across organizations

Talent and workforce management to help you improve your most vital asset: your people

Drive operational effectiveness

Quickly and cost effectively bring to market new solutions that better meet customer needs by removing barriers between people. IBM offers:

Fast access to everyone in your professional network – your colleagues, customers and partners

Team collaboration software that helps you access and interact with the people, information and project materials you need to get your work done

Enterprise collaboration software for personal and organizational effectiveness

Deepen customer relationships

Engage with customers and understand them more deeply to anticipate and meet their needs in ways that differentiate you from the competition. IBM offers:

Engaging, personalized, web experiences that meet the evolving needs of today’s savvy customer

Deeper insight into customer needs

Generate increased value for your customers

If you build it, they will come.
But only if you build a culture to support it.

It’s one thing to install and enable social networking tools such as instant messaging platforms, wikis and community portals. But it’s quite another to create a culture of guidance and governance for their implementation.

Becoming a Social Business requires a long-term strategic approach to shaping a business culture. It is highly dependent upon executive leadership and corporate strategy, including business process design, risk management, leadership development, financial controls and use of business analytics. In fact, one of the key findings from the 2011 IBM Social Business Jam—an online, real time discussion among almost 4,000 registrants that focused on top Social Business issues—was that Social Business activities need to be integrated and aligned with business processes to be truly effective.

From an operational point of view, the benefits of a Social Business reach into every facet of the business:

Help employees be more effective—optimize the workforce by bringing together the right expertise, insight, and information from anywhere across the business network at the right time to adapt quickly and improve business outcomes.

  • An insurance organization saw a boost of 25 percent more policies written with 40 percent fewer staff through real-time access to information and experts.
  • An emergency services worker increases response time by 400% with real-time awareness.

Improve the quality and speed of operations—drive improvements in business operations to bring better products to market more quickly by removing the barriers to creativity, innovation, and alignment with customer and business needs.

  • A global manufacturer brought a new product to market in one third the normal time.
  • An insurance company reduced time to market for new services by 50% and achieved 100% growth in new business.

Engage customers more deeply—create a next generation, differentiated customer experience that attracts, engages, and retains the best customers; improves brand loyalty; and lowers operational costs.

  • A leading bank experienced a 35 percent improvement in marketing campaign revenue.
  • A healthcare provider experienced 33 percent fewer cancelled appointments when patients used online services.
  • An international sporting event experienced 23 percent annual growth in online fan traffic.

Key to achieving the above benefits is deploying the right mix of on-premises, cloud, appliance, and mobile infrastructures to reach all people associated with your business and create a more efficient enterprise, while maintaining security, reliability, and integration.

So as Sandy said, we will be back next year! and till then, a singing goodbye was a must

Myriam Laouffir, Head of Social Media France Televisions, and JC Frog, author of #solomo song

(Thanks Myriam Laouffir, JC Frog for such an inspiring goodbye!)

See you in 2012 ! I heard Loic saying that the dates for Le Web 2012 are: 4-5-6 December 2012 (where about though? in London ?!)

#leb #lewebibm

A huge thank you to the IBM Official Bloggers gang, for their dedication and team work, namely : Pierre-Olivier Carles, Catherine Ertzscheid Cyril Attias,  Claire Goyat( Box Europe), Henri Kaufman, Cyrille.chaudoit, Jeremy Rodney, Fabienthomas, Joachim Le Geoff, and our Social Quiz Winner: Francois-Xavier Bodin for being such a great team player !


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