Presentation @ French Web, 15/11 2011

I was invited last week by Richard Meneveux, Editor in Chief of French Web to present on Community Management. Even that’s not what I do, and that I dislike very much this 2 words together (community and management), I agreed to go and share our vision on how to transform a business into a social business. Along with Eglantine Schmitt, Responsable du pole veille et community management at  BlogAngels, I shared some of our best campaigns and how I see our world evolving  . The one constant of business is that it is always changing….

My presentation is available here but this is not entirely the one I presented…I shared some of our digital campaigns that are not included. Some of my thoughts of the day are here:

It is very common for a brand to consider its audience on the web as a community and apply community management very much like a magic wand. The reality of the audience for brands goes far beyond just a Community dimension.  The structuring of this audience and their expectations are much more complex and often use the community dynamics to address individual problems, claiming a sense of some sort of  belonging which doesn’t exist can have in fact an opposite effect  and be a source of misunderstanding between the brand and community.

A community is characterized by a number of things including a shared interest in something  and the desire to operate together (relation between members). But it’s not because your clients or prospects follow you on twitter or like you on Facebook that they are your community. The reason: they have nothing to do with each other. It’s not because I buy the same coffee make than my neighbor that I belong to his community, is it?
In fact, a community can become one when a large majority of its members faced the same problem and they organize themselves to solve it together, so they might become a community, temporary, to get the outcomes they couldn’t have properly get if they were on their own.
Final though,  you don’t exactly manage a community. It’s the community (if such a thing) that manages you…
To embrace Social Media you need a strategic approach above and beyond community

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