Keynote : Strategic Marketing and Branding Forum, Amsterdam 3-4 Nov

I’m off to Amsterdam in a couple of hours to deliver a keynote at The Strategic  Marketing and  Branding Forum. I’m asked to present on how Marketing can transform to manage brand engagement in a meaningful way and connect with customers. I will focus on how I believe that  embracing transformation, technology and  leadership are key to succeeding in this process.

Other speakers from large corporations will be there also. Looking forward to meet them and in particular Michelin which I’ve been referring about on each of my talk lately !

BT Exploring the Role of Marketing: a Transformation Story – Michelin  Managing Brand Engagement – IBM’s Approach to Social Media: Leading with the IBMer – HP Discussing B2B Marketing Strategies – Dassault Systems Integrating Social Network Information within your Marketing
Not much on their site to share, and not even an hashtag given ahead for the speakers to start the conversation ahead of the event. Maybe I’ll give them some tips on how to embrace social media for events purposes…

I used to have a bike just like this one when I was young, sorry younger and lived in Bastille, Paris. Now, I’ve changed it to a scooter… but still I’m missing it.

Update: Here are a couple of  pictures of the event :



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