IBM at Le Web11

IBM is Platinium sponsor at Le Web 11 : Sponsor of the Press & Official Bloggers Lounge and Sponsor of “Le Web Studio”

Le Web: Date:  December 7-9
Where: Les Docks, Paris

Thanks to @loic @Geraldine @cgiorgi  and the entire Le Web team to welcome IBM at Le Web11 !

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Theme: “How is SoLoMo changing enterprise?”   ( SoLoMo stands for:  Social, Local and Mobile Media)
About Le Web: LeWeb brings together the most influential audience in the Internet ecosystem. Top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior press & bloggers gather to focus on the key issues and opportunities in the web marketplace.

What IBM Will Discuss (Details on Specific News Announcements Forthcoming)

“Because there is always something to be done”

Ten years ago there was a significant shift in the way people interacted with each other: the web came to the workplace and became a serious business tool for organizations in industries of every kind. Now we’re on the cusp of a major shift in business transformation: the interest in companies wanting to adopt social technologies is on the rise. Businesses are using social media and social networking concepts to transform their business into “social business.” But a Social Business isn’t a company that just has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Social Business means that every department, from HR to marketing to product development to customer service to sales, uses social media the way it uses any other tool and channel to do its job. Once viewed as a tool for students and teens to connect with one another, businesses are now looking for ways to adopt similar concepts to better connect their employees, partners and clients and to transform globally. It’s an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. It’s a strategic approach to shaping a business culture, highly dependent upon executive leadership and corporate strategy, including business process design, risk management, leadership development, financial controls and use of business analytics. Becoming a Social Business can help an organization deepen customer relationships, generate new ideas faster, identify expertise and enable a more effective workforce.

IBM is not the only company talking about Social Business, but as you hear about IBM’s approaches, you’ll notice that our thinking isn’t document centric. It’s people centric.  The critical turning point for Social Business is the realization that the collective knowledge of networks of people can provide business with a unique competitive advantage.

As these global networks of people become instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, dramatic shifts are taking place. The ways employees interact, relationships form, decisions are made, work is accomplished and the way goods are purchased are fundamentally changing. Consumers now wield unprecedented power over how brands are perceived. Crowdsourcing is altering competitive landscapes by leveling the intelligence playing field at an extraordinary rate. As a result of all this, the world finds itself at a transformative point with regard to how business is done. Social networking has had a profound effect on society, couple this with the explosion of mobile devices and new Cloud delivery models, a perfect storm of industry trends is merging that makes this the right time to move from the hands of teens to business.

IBM sees social business and the move the enable the mobile workforce as a key driver of business transformation, helping all aspects of an organization from marketing, human resources, sales and customer support and development,  leverage the power of social concepts in their business processes. In addition, the adoption of cloud computing is on the rise as companies look to adopt new delivery models to improve efficiencies in their organizations. IDC states that worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will grow twofold to reach $43.8 billion by 2013.

Consider the facts:

  • IBM’s 2010 CHRO Study indicates that 57 percent of companies who invested in Social Business outperformed their peers.
  • Analysts are seeing the wave here and interest from global clients on social business.  IDC expects the market opportunity for social business software to grow to $2 billion worldwide by 2014.
  • Gartner predicts that social media will be a support tool among 40 percent of the top 1,000 companies.
  • Facebook has more than 750 million active users worldwide and there are more than 200 million Tweets per day.
  • The burgeoning mobile workforce is expected to reach more than 1.19 billion by 2013, nearly 1 trillion Internet-connected devices will be in the market by 2012, generating 20 times more mobile data by 2015. Up to 47.9 million tablet PC units are expected to be shipped this year, and 79.6 million next year, according to the latest J.P. Morgan forecasts. Social enabling these workers to be effective, collaborate and innovate is a major requirement for organizations.

IBM is a trusted advisor in this transformation

  • The shift to embracing social is no longer about just blogs, wikis and tweets. Now, social concepts are fundamental to real work getting done, and to collaborating with partners and clients. Building on this expertise, IBM is poised to help clients exploit this transformation of a social business.
  • In 2010 35 percent of Fortune 100 companies were using IBM social software in the enterprise
  • IDC has named IBM the #1 social software platform company in the industry (by revenue) for two consecutive years (2010, 2011)
  • In 2011, the market for enterprise social software is expected to grow to $769 million, up 15.7% from 2010, according to market research firm Gartner.
  • IBM clients around the globe have adopted IBM software to work smarter, become more agile, and foster innovation through communities, blogs, wikis and more, including Singapore Airlines, CEMEX, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Berlitz International Inc., Sogeti, HSBC, Sun Life Assurance.
  • As the largest consumer of social technologies, IBM is a case study for this transformation into a social business.  This goes beyond IBM’s business in social software and services (IBM’s collaboration software, consulting services, analytics/social media research, conducting Jams for clients).  IBM is leading social business on all fronts – technology, policy and practice.

#leweb11 #lewebibm

A company committed to moving to the future must never stop changing what lies ahead promises to be even more radical, and even more transformative”.


5 thoughts on “IBM at Le Web11

  1. Hi Delphine, I take this opportunity to reiterate that it is a real pleasure to be of this adventure with IBM. LeWeb is a great event and IBM a beautiful brand, with a great story of community, I am delighted to be with you this year! See you soon!

  2. Absolutely loving this, didn’t know about THINK Forum, what an amazing combination with LeWeb.

    Now you have one more IBM’s Social Business advocate :o)

    Thanks for sharing!

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