Welcome to the C2C Era

How do you transform feedback into real insight? How can you transform social data into a powerful decision-making tool that can be integrated across your organization?  Which means your customer relationships will become dynamic human connections that fuel innovation… Connecting social with real business results, and showing the impact that the customer voice can have within an organization. That is what I was asked to talk about during a panel discussion ((Building your Business around your Customers) moderated by Jeremy Owyang, on October 20th during the Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit in London . On the panel discussion along with , Christian Kraus, Marketing Manager at Conrad Electronics and Rebecca Leng, Customer Communications Manager at John Lewis. 

The theme for the event is What’s next. Now: A view into how our most innovative clients are using customer conversations to drive real business results. The supporting sub-themes are innovation: leading & adapting in the new social landscape; insights: leveraging customer conversations to unlock actionable marketing & product data; and impact: measuring the value across the organization.

At IBM we  have adopted social technologies that include: ratings, customer discussions, and aggregate that data right on our own  website. Customers love to talk. We believe that by capturing our clients authentic conversations wherever they choose to talk – on our site, on our partners’ sites, or on social networks, we can then take those online conversations and syndicate them into the purchase path at the right time and place to influence sales.

Give customers a voice and they’ll reward you with loyalty. Listen to what they say and you’ll get ideas that will move your business forward. Find out more how when you know more, you can do more  Bazaarvoice, Social Commerce Summit on 21st October.

There are a couple reasons why Bazaarvoice is the default ratings and reviews provider for us at IBM. The main one being that they are an industry-leading service provider. They were popular among Commerce customers before the Social Commerce development started, so they were a natural choice. Also, they provide a content moderation service that is very important when you are allowing user-generated content on a storefront…

Tell us what you think. Rate a product. Write a review.

What about you

  • How did you get started listening to your customers and how has that evolved?
  • How do you measure the impact of feedback
  • How do you close the loop with customers online?
  • What are your most effective channels for listening and who is responsible for engaging from the organization?

Thanks again to the Bazaarvoice Gang for a fantastic event and of course for the wonderful cocktail speakers party at The Brewery !









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