Social Media News

It’s been a while since my last Social Media news update…So here are some great news on  social media marketing around the world:

IBM announced a new product dedicated to helping customers perform sentiment analysis of social media data, as well as a new program with the Yale School of Management’s Center for Customer Insight to train students in advanced data analysis skills. With businesses increasingly getting hip to social media as a way of connecting with customers, and with an industry-wide need for analytics skills, both the product and project are well-timed

Yale School of Management and IBM Collaborate to Prepare Students with Analytics Skills for the Next Generation of Jobs

TEVA Pharmaceuticals introduced Moxie’s Employee Spaces convincing employees to share their work issues more widely. In addition to applying social software internally, TEVA has created joint social communities with some key suppliers of raw materials. In one case, this resulted in a 15% reduction in lead time, while in another, where the social integration went deeper, the supplier cut lead time by 60%. The company also has plans to implement social communities for TEVA customers

 UPS’ Twitter site, brings its clients and suppliers into a virtual conversation
Home Depot puts product demonstrations on YouTube

Starbucks understands the terminology of engagement. They have 20 million fans on Facebook, which equals tremendous reach because they are now able reach out to their fans’ networks. That’s approximately 520 million people

Disney is recognizing how people are using Facebook. People are able to create a Disney memories photo book after they visit one of the parks on Facebook. Doing this builds consumer loyalty and gives Disney access to incredible customer insights by viewing the photographs

Whole Foods segments their Twitter feeds by region to customize content for consumers. They also time their tweets around key shopping hours

Toyota is setting up a social networking service with the help of a U.S. Internet company and Microsoft so drivers can interact with their cars in a way that’s similar to posting on Facebook or Twitter. Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. and, based in San Francisco, announced their alliance to launch “Toyota Friend,” a private social network for Toyota owners.

Fidelity is using Facebook to give general advice and offer recommendations.

Hewlett-Packard accidentally revealed more details of its cloud computing plans when an exec updated his LinkedIn profile.
Facebook remains the most frequently used social network, but LinkedIn has become the most valued, according to a recent study by ROI Research. “The S-Net: A Study in Social Media Usage & Behavior” found that 70% of the 2,997 survey participants log into Facebook at least once daily, compared with 20% on LinkedIn. And although LinkedIn users don’t frequent the site often, 59% in 2011 — up from 41% last year — said it is the most important site to have a profile on.

B2B companies are demonstrating the most growth in social media. Although there are compliance issues.

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