How old are we on the social web?

So what is the real age distribution across the Social Web? 

How old is the average Twitter or Facebook user?  How is age distributed across the millions and millions of social network users out there? Well, here is an interesting study showing that  the average age social network user is 37 years old….Average age of Facebook user: 38. Twitter: 39 LinkedIn:44. I’m not pretending to become a digital anthropologist,  but  it’s  interesting to see that in social media, not only do women rule (yes we do! )   but it seems that the middle-aged are Social Media’s largest share holders.

Fascinating to see that when we talk about the future of the internet : The millennial age cohort (born between 1978 and 1994) is expected to be as large , if not larger than the baby boomer generation…

And as Brian Solis (@briansolis) rightly said: ” In order to possess and convey value and meaning, it is anthropology, sociology and the psychographic mapping of people to themes, interests, and aspirations that will prevail now and over time. It’s the difference between visibility and presence, and in social media, presence is felt.

Source: Community102


2 thoughts on “How old are we on the social web?

  1. paopasc says:

    if you let me I’ll set up a version in Italian and then embed it in my blog

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