A social Royal wedding #rw11

Weddy, Steady, Go !

source: The Sun

Here you go… that day has came… the Royal Wedding is about to take place. And as Mashable said : “online buzz surrounding the big event has surpassed the chatter that surrounded the Egypt uprising and the Japan earthquake.”… Is it because of Kate’s dress ?

Great study made by my friends at  Webtrends reveal that the world simply can’t stop talking about the Royal Wedding (and even in Austin… check this blog post by my hero @turbotodd). In fact, Webtrends says that a whopping 65% of tweets, blog posts and Facebook updates are coming from the U.S., while 20% are coming from the UK.  This matches stats from Nielsen, which also says that the U.S. is the #1 source of Royal Wedding chatter.

So that’s a fact: It’s a Social wedding before being a Royal Wedding:  People have sent 911,000 tweets in the last 30 days, or just a little more than 30,000 tweets per day, 217,000 Facebook status updates and 145,000 blog posts about William and Kate’s big day.

Check out the infographics below by Webtrends: ( http://www.webtrends.com/)

Got to go now, as Prince William has just entered Westminster Abbey… OH MY GOD…. he’s so cut !

#royalwedding #rw11

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