Yahoo buys IntoNow social TV app

Yahoo announced yesterday, Easter Monday,  that it has acquired IntoNow, a startup company whose technology can let users almost instantly recognize TV content and share favorite programs with their friends.

  • The deal to buy IntoNow is part of Yahoo's effort to provide more information-sharing services.

The deal to buy IntoNow, announced Monday, is part of Yahoo’s effort to provide more information-sharing services. The company, which is based in Sunnyvale, Calif., is trying to give people more reasons to stay on its website and services instead of increasingly popular online hangouts such as Facebook and Twitter. It is not a scoop : Yahoo’s growth in ad revenue hasn’t kept pace with the rest of the Web… This  feature might open up ways for Yahoo to sell more ads in its online videos

In a post on its company blog, Yahoo noted that the addition of IntoNow will enhance its video programming, and bolster its social engagement across the Yahoo network and on all screens.

The basic idea behind IntoNow’s technology is that it keeps track of what people are actively watching on their televisions, not just the channel, but the show, the episode, and what specific part of an episode—in order to pull in information related to the show from a variety of sources, including social media so users can chat about shows, find related content, get recommendations, and learn more about shows. And, of course, this information is deeply relevant to advertisers too, who might be very keen to push an ad for a product right where it—or a competitor’s product—appears in an episode.

IntoNow, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif., has seven employees. The 3-month-old startup is run by Adam Cahan, who formerly worked at Google

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