25,000 IBMers on Twitter and counting

IBM France (@henririmbaud) has launched a fantastic initiative, a video where IBMers talked about their use of  Twitter, and how it helped them in their daily work. AT IBM Marketers, Sales, Technical Sales, PR Teams are using Twitter to communicate, share, learn, and contribute.

It’s a fact : IBM is present on the social web. The example of Twitter is inspiring : We have over 25 000 IBMers actively tweeting on  Twitter (source: @adamclyde) and counting… Not only we are present on Twitter but we also have over 300,00 IBMers on Linkedin, 198,000 on Facebook, and growing.

“Be yourself.”  It’s one of the rules of social media:

At IBM, we  don’t have a corporate blog or a corporate Twitter ID because we want the ‘IBMers’ in aggregate to be the corporate blog and the corporate Twitter ID.  “We represent our brand online the way it always has been, which is employees first. Our brand is largely shaped by the interactions that they have with customers.”

Thousands of IBMers are the voice of the company.  

Thousands of Voices

  • 17,000 internal blogs
  • 1 million daily page views of internal wikis, internal information storing websites
  • 15,000,000 downloads of employee-generated videos/podcasts
  • More than 400,000 Sametime instant messaging users, resulting in 40-50 million instant messages per day
  • 400,000+ employees can access IBM Connections (internal social networking  platform)
  • Thousands of external bloggers

Thank you to  @henririmbaud for this fantastic project which featured fellows IBMers , to name a few:  @IBMJoel, @JCDichant, @renaudraffaelli, @nicod92160, @milcent, @benoitbossuet

The video « Twitter en bonne compagnie. L’envie d’échanger » can be found on IBM France and on Youtube  English version soon to be available.

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7 thoughts on “25,000 IBMers on Twitter and counting

  1. Andy Piper says:

    Interesting stuff – just because I know people will ask me if I re-use these numbers, where do they derive from?

    • Howard Smith says:

      I would echo Andy’s question – it’s important to be able to point to data source.

      • Delph says:

        Hi Howard, txs for your interest. I mentioned to Andy and on my post that this number came from Adam Christensen, formerly IBM Social Media Manager

  2. Kevin says:

    Here is a good way to find them! We’re a new social search, come have a look.


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  4. […] almost 200,000 IBM employees have Facebook pages (nearly half of its global workforce), 25,000 have Twitter accounts and more than 17,000 maintain […]

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