Linked-in celebrates 100 million members and counting…

Yesterday, March 22, LinkedIn announced a major milestone reached : 100 million professionals worldwide.

Now growing at roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week… This is equivalent of a person joining the social media site at faster than one member per second…. very impressive, isn’t it?!

Linkedin ultimate goal is  to connect all of the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

See  some key statistics in an infographic that captures how Linkedin got here

On their official blog, Jeff Weiner CEO of LinkedIn says:  “Each of our 100 million members has a unique story — from finding a job, to recruiting talent, to sourcing new deals, and even starting a business.”  And Jeff to add : “We’re also rapidly growing our network globally — our site is currently used in over 200 countries and territories around the world, with more than half of our users coming from outside of the U.S.  You no longer have to live in the same city — or even the same country — to build and strengthen relationships that can help you succeed and grow professionally and fundamentally transform the trajectory of your career path.”

What is interesting is that : It took LinkedIn six years to reach 50 million users, but it only took a year and a half for the business social network to double that number…

Did you know that IBM is the largest corporation on Linkedin with over 400,000 members (including IBM Greater community)

Join me on linkedin !

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