Status of the Twittersphere in France: 2.4 millions users

Twitter translation

According to a French study, France accounts for 2.4 million Twitter users.That’s huge, and yet it’s only  1.1% of all members… Remember, Twitter has about 210 million users worldwide. (including me ! @delphrb)

United States, Japan and Brazil are the most addicted countries,  according to a study Semiocast, a startup specializing in Parisian trend analysis on the Web.

Among them, 2.4 million are in  Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance…This study of a sample of 52 million profiles worldwide, representing 24% of the followers of micro-blogging service, shows that the French seem more adept at Facebook – which brings together more than 20 million French users – as Twitter tweets.

Launched in March 2006, Twitter has passed the million profiles in France in 2010. But the same year, the two million mark was crossed, with a significant increase of 160 000 new profiles for the month of February 2011.

France ranks as the 17th largest in the world in terms of users and represents only 1.1% of all location-based profiles. As for the leading trio, it is constituted by the United States, Japan and Brazil. The UK comes in fourth position with 10.5 million users.

Moreover, this study shows that only 1 user on 11 protects his Twitter account in France. Indeed, when an account is opened, it is public by default. In other words, any user can view a list of tweet issued. The account can of course be protected later in order not to restrict access to their contacts. But few users do so visibly.

See top twitter users in France here -Are you following them yet ?!

Go Tweet France !



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