Countdown to Jeopardy!

In this historic event,  IBM’s Watson computer will compete on Jeopardy! against the TV quiz show’s two biggest all-time champions.

The stage is set. The excitement is building. Watson will face the two greatest Jeopardy! champions in history, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, in a challenge of bytes vs. brains. 2 games/3 days : Video of the games will be on The first of two @Jeopardy matches begins today! Check your local listings for start times

Watson is a supercomputer running software called DeepQA, developed by IBM Research. While the grand challenge driving the project is to win on Jeopardy!, the broader goal of Watson was to create a new generation of technology that can find answers in unstructured data more effectively than standard search technology.

The face of Watson in image:


“I’ll be rooting for Watson but a little part of me will always be rooting for the humans too.”

Jon Iwata IBM Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications


Follow IBM Watson on Twitter and follow @Jeopardy for the latest !



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