Twitter Korean version is out 한글 트위터

Twitter has reached nearly 200 million users registered accounts who post 110 million tweets per day as of the January 1, 2011. That’s up from 160 million registered accounts as of September 2010 and 95 million tweets per day as of early December . Now  the company is focused on building out its international presence:

Twitter has just launched its  Korean version, the announcement was in Korean… Now, not that I’m fully fluent in Korean, but what I gathered was that  Twitter  chose Korean as the next language for launch because the number of Twitter users from Korea has increased tenfold in the last year….

Not only is now translated in Korean, but so are the official Twitter Android and iPhone apps. (what about BB?)   It has also launched a recommended user list of Korean users, including actor Park Joong (@moviejhp) and novelist @Oisoo.

Twitter now supports seven languages. The others include Spanish, Italian, German, French, English and Japanese.

You can follow Korean twitter news on @toptweets_ko



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