Social Media News

Some recent news, reports, interesting articles about Social Media…

Let’s start with this fascinating report on  how the Internet has grown since 2010.

Then, let’s move on to social networking sites news:

Facebook has released new features:  How to filter spam from your Facebook pages, really helpful tool to provide high quality content.

The rumors are apparently true — at an event which took place yesterday at Facebook HQ, Facebook  revealed that it will, in fact, be launching a deals service for Facebook Places. Watch out, Foursquare.

Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley spoke on how the location-based service plans to dominate “what happens after the checkin” at Wednesday’s ad:tech conference.

Twitter: In a New York Times profile on Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, the company revealed stats:  Twitter now has 175 million registered users, which is up from 145 million users in September. That means the startup added around 30 million users in just under two months. And Twitter has added 70 million users since April.

And then, let’s have a look at some countries news:

UK:  the English Police train their new recruits in how to use Facebook and Twitter to gather information. Interesting   modern policing to face apparently online crime growth.

UK (again…) : East London to become an officially sanctioned startup ‘hub’ for the UK. Seen on  Techcrunch – London will be transformed into a “world-leading technology city to rival Silicon Valley” :  Google will create an Innovation Hub in East London, a creative space for their researchers to come together with developers and academics. Facebook will create a permanent home in East London for their Developer Garage programme (currently the FDGL meets at TechHub, but interesting they are contemplating something ‘permanent’ whatever that means).

And to finish, the not so recent, but nevertheless very interesting State of the Blogosphere in 2010 report over at BlogHerald taken from the BlogPulse survey that includes over 150,000,000 blogs.

In this report, you’ll find out : 

  • Top 10 blogs by traffic
  • The spread of pro, part-time, hobbyist and self-employed bloggers
  • Breakdown of their age and demographic data
  • How often they post
  • What languages are most prominent (English is now ranked #2 as the most prominent language of blogs)
  • Revenue earned by bloggers

That’s all folks !


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