Social Halloween – Trick or treat ?

Like my  son Max this week, agencies around the world have put on their scream masks to scare us all, sorry I mean to engage us all .

So trick or treat ?!

Couple of examples  of Halloween-themed campaigns that use social media platforms

(seen on e-consultancy, brilliantly written by Chris Lake originally)


The undead can shop for bargains with  a dedicated Twitter feed to help new(zom)bies to shop.Check out the Zombie version of its homepage. You may need to ‘Switch to English’ in the event that you’re not fluent in ‘Zombian’.  Sears has also created a bunch of videos to support the campaign. This one has racked up 68,000 views on YouTube:


The owner of Singapore Zoo and Night Safari  created a viral video which is more than just a video though. The firm has temporarily replaced its website with for the duration of the campaign along with a  Twitter and Facebook channel.

Inspiring ?!

Anyhow, on  Sunday, we shall be wandering in East Dulwich streets, wondering how many of Max’s friends  we shall be scaring !

Happy Halloween !

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