liars liars, pants in fire

OK… I tell you more, and I’m not lying (even) :

UK Insurance, Direct Line engaged the services of Opinium Research to carry out a study on dishonesty on social networking sites for its ‘Straight Talking Report’.

2,000 British adults  took part of the study. And here comes the truth :  People are more likely to be dishonest when talking on social networking sites such as Twitter, than they would be when talking to someone face to face.

“Just one in five people (20 per cent) profess to being more truthful on Twitter or text, compared to a third (31 per cent) who state that they are more frank when speaking to someone in the flesh.”

Glenn Wilson, psychologist says :

“Modern technologies, such as smartphones, social networking and instant messaging have been hailed as innovations in the way people interact, removing obstacles to conversation and allowing for openness of discourse.

However, we sometimes use these means of communication rather than a face-to-face encounter or a full conversation when we want to be untruthful, as it is easier to fib to someone when we don’t have to deal with their reactions or control our own body language.”


Can we lie in 140 characters ? I wasn’t even thinking that would be possible…#lie





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