Women Will Rule Social Media (but aren’t we already ?!)

Yes… Women are social and will rule Social Media.

2009 revealed the growing role women play online.

Women make 75% of all buying decisions for the home, and 85% of all consumer purchases.

Social networks have at least 50% female members, and it is women ages 35-55 who make up the fastest-growing population on Facebook — not the expected Gen-Y population as previously anticipated.
Previously limited by organizational hierarchies and job demands, women today are free to create, express and promote themselves using social media channels.
Innately excelling at communication, relationship building and multi-level attention, women will take the reins on their careers and network becoming both a sought-after consumer segment as well as driving business strategies for social-media-connected companies.
And I am not biased in any way …


One thought on “Women Will Rule Social Media (but aren’t we already ?!)

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