You’ve got -video- mail

My dear colleague Todd Watson (@turbotodd)  introduced me to this fantastic tool a couple of years ago. Todd uses it to give me briefing, de-briefings, updates etc…It makes such a difference and it so much more enjoyable than reading yet another email. Plus, I get to actually see him, Todd is based in Austin and I’m in London.  I simply love it…who?  what ? Eyejot of course !

In a nutshell, what eyejot does  is helping Marketers  make [their] message stand out. It really helps dramatically increase the impact to our messages and  allows you to differentiate yourself  that may still be using more traditional marketing tools.

Eyejot can really help create more effective campaigns to reach  customers. And everyone can use it ! It’s easy and very user-friendly. No need to be an IT specialist. Just click on the record button and talk in front of your web cam !

Of course, “You’ve got mail” could not have existed with Eyejot so in a way, I’m glad it’s only available now…… but just imagine all the great things we could do with it from now on…

So, what is eyejot ? Well…. It’s just a Video mail in a blink ….No, I know, I don’t look like Meg Ryan… but here you go …

You’ve got  Me in a blink !

(can’t embed the link , @Andy Piper…)


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