Social Media Highlights

According to Jeffrey Schick, IBM’s VP of Social Software, there are approximately 500,000 people within IBM and they do about 6 million look ups a day on pages that look strikingly similar to other social network profile pages with features like blogging and photo posting. IBM now intends to ride the wave of Web 3.0, creating and implementing the software that can better connect people with people and people with information

Chase, a commercial banking unit of JPMorgan Chase, has 16.5 million customers who bank online. When the company’s site went down, outraged bank customers took to their Twitter accounts to share their frustration

IBM i software vendors are adopting social networking technologies to develop sales leads, to communicate with customers, and perhaps most importantly, to be part of a new global conversation taking place on the Web

Computer manufacturer Dell is among the companies that have been embracing social media to market new products. The company employs a chief blogger, who is responsible for a swath of sites under the banner name Direct2Dell

Coca Cola is using Twitter efficiently to engage its audience. With over 129,000 followers (as of October 4th, 2010) and following over      65,000 individuals, the beverage company is the most active on Twitter

Facebook, Inc. announced it has opened an office in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, in a move that is likely to help the social networker boost advertiser numbers and bring in more software developers

According to the Pew Research Center, social networking use among internet users aged 50 and older nearly doubled from 22% in April 2009 to 42% in May 2010

An IBM survey has shown businesses are challenged by Web 2.0 technologies and confused by social media business tools. A questionnaire distributed to 1,000 of IBM’s business partners revealed 74% of them are unsure about how social media can be best used in the workplace

HP and the Newseum, an interactive museum devoted to issues related to the news media and society, announced they are collaborating on a new, hands-on media gallery that will allow Newseum visitors to explore technology’s impact on the ever-evolving way that information is reported, distributed and accessed

Facebook may go public as early as 2012


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