Honey, I’m home ! Facebook places has now been launched in the UK

Following the successful launch of Facebook Places in the US last month and in Japan last week, the service   has now been launched in the  UK.

A European launch is expected to follow in the near future, this need to be confirmed though.

Indeed, this brings up some concerns around  privacy about the service, as it alerts other web users that a social networker is not home. This information could then be used by criminals to burgle homes.

We should expect to see  home insurance premiums rise….

When Facebook unveiled Places, it said the service was designed to do three main things:

1- Help people share where they are in a social way

2- See which friends are nearby

3- Discover nearby places and new places through friends’ profiles.

This changes the game dramatically. And knowing what my friends think of a bar or a restaurant has a much bigger value to me than 40 to 100 strangers because my friend’s experiences matter more to me.

From a  business view-point, it gives the consumers  a channel to engage with their brands at a point they are likely to purchase.

People tend to be scared of the idea of using tracking technologies because they fear the tools could also
serve to invade their privacy. I argue that a combination of better application design and giving users enhanced control of application functions and features can mitigate the perceived invasions of privacy.

I am personally a huge fan of Foursquare but let’s try this one out …


One thought on “Honey, I’m home ! Facebook places has now been launched in the UK

  1. Andy Piper says:

    Here’s the thing. I’m not sure this is so hugely significant. I’ve actually been using FB Places for a while now, via Gowalla (checkins in Gowalla -> FB Place checkins, internationally even though the FB Places feature has only been available in the US until now). Has it changed my life, or the way I use Facebook or the other sites? no, not really. I think this will certainly make location sharing potentially more mainstream, but so far location has been relatively slow to take off and I can’t see that changing vastly just because FB Places has followed the crowd.

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