Meet the new

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So, for some of my busy readers who won’t have time to watch this (I have to admit rather slow and lengthy) video,   what is different from the previous interface ?

  • A header bar that contains a streamlined dashboard: a search box, a link Home, a link to your Profile, and Messages (DMs).
  • “what’s happening”  is replacing  “what are you doing?” . This section is footed with tabbed browsing options: Tweets, @Mentions (not Replies), Retweets, Searches and Lists.
  • For Retweets, it’s Retweets by others, Retweets by you, and Your Tweets, retweeted. This makes it easier to find what’s meaningful
  • The Searches  are now available in the drop down. ( used to inhabit the sidebar)
  • Lists allows you to  see the aggregated lists you’ve created.

More information  available directly from Twitter.

Overall, this new interface provides an easier, faster, and richer experience of with some of the more sophisticated desktop and mobile apps.



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