Consumers want brands to interact with Facebook and Twitter

Clearly,  consumers want more and more for their brands to interact with them via  social networks.

We, marketers, need to focus on creating and  implementing a fully  integrated strategy which will combine and certainly not isolate the powerful strengths of each of the existing online channels.

We need to listen first though, and understand which digital tools and content do our consumers use ? What would they find valuable and be willing to engage with? Where are they located? Where are they engaged within social media and through which channels?

We need to target our audience, Understand their digital behaviors to then develop a social media map accordingly.

According to a latest report from ExactTarget’s Marketing Research and Education Group Email : Consumers expect brands to interact with Facebook and Twitter as well as email marketing messages. They expect their brands to communicate consistently across all  the channels”

The majority (93%) of online consumers subscribe to email marketing messages, 38 percent are fans of brands on Facebook and 5 percent follow brands on Twitter.

Some other interesting  findings of this  report :

*Twitter is most likely to drive increased purchase intent; followed email and Facebook. However, given the comparatively small percentage of consumers that interact with brands on Twitter and Facebook, email remains the cornerstone online retention marketing programs. This is where I see the increasing importance of adding  “SWYN” (Share With Your Network) capabilities in any email marketing campaign.

*67 percent of consumers have subscribed to email marketing messages to receive discounts or promotions, compared to 40 percent of consumers who have become a fan of a brand on Facebook and 31 percent who have followed a brand Twitter for the same reason.

*39 percent of Facebook users who become fans do so to publicly display their brand affiliation to friends – nearly twice as often as consumers who follow brands on Twitter (22 percent) and nearly four times more often than consumers who subscribe to email communications (11 percent) for the same reason.

In conclusion, there is still an opportunity for forward-thinking (?!) companies to establish a presence and earn a competitive advantage. Based on the growth of user interactions with their brands, countless purchase decisions will be more and more influenced by social media.

And on that note, I wanted to share with you what we just recently deployed on our IBM  software e-Catalog. The rating and reviews capabilities (from  Bazaarvoice )are now available on some of our e-catalog software pages . So start rating and review some of our software products right now ! Take part of the conversation, have your say ! Tell us – We want to hear from you


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