IBM Summit – Day 3: A royal Start

Day 3 of the Summit has started with IBM CEO, Stephen Leonard, appearing on BBC Breakfast TV … What a start !

Today the focus will be around : Smarter Energy day.

How do we get there? Moving towards smarter transport planning

If we’re to keep on the road to a more sustainable future, then we need to arrive at an intelligent transport system.

Rapidly expanding population, urbanisation and globalisation are driving our outdated transport systems past their intended capacity and operational life span. So how do we make progress towards a smart transport solution? How can sustainable transport deliver a better balance between demand and supply? How do we share data and intelligence across often competing modes of transport?

The IBM Summit at Start is honoured to welcome His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales will be offering a special address to attendees beginning early this afternoon in London. To watch the speech visit the event live stream:

Some other guest speakers, to name a few, will join this inspiring today’s debate

Stephen Leonard – Chief Executive, IBM UK & Ireland

Professor David Begg – Publisher, Transport Times

Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP – Secretary of State for Transport

Mick Hickford – Head of Special Projects, Transport for London

Ken Livingstone, Former Mayor of London

So take part in today’s debate with forward-thinking transport leaders as they explore ways to reach sustainability across all transport modes.

And here is how: IBM Summit at Start (includes links to Flickr, supporting news/materials) and tune in on IBM Summit at START official blog

And if you missed Day 1 – Here is its  Summary Video. And for day 2 Day Two “Smarter Energy” is available for on-demand viewing here

Have a smart day !

#ibm_start #start_uk

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