Imagine…. IBM Summit at START – How can focusing on sustainability help businesses grow?

Yesterday, IBM started  an impressive 9 day summit with global business, academic and government leaders to discuss the economic, societal, environmental  and business aspects of sustainability.

While the Summit at Start is based in the UK, the participants and discussions will have a global impact on how businesses address the challenges and opportunities of long-term sustainability.  #IBMStart #start_uk
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You can also follow the event live on : Live Stream and schedules

Social Media Hub for the event(all videos, twitter stream etc…)
Online Press room — Press Releases will be posted on September 8, 15th and the 16th
Videos on You Tube
Info on the Start Organization

But what exactly is the Summit at Start?

Start is a national initiative by The Prince’s Charities to promote and celebrate sustainable living. It aims to demonstrate what a more energy efficient, cleaner and healthier future could look like.  During 2010, Start will grow into a vibrant and diverse programme, which will engage people right across the UK.
The IBM Summit  is the business to business component of Start and will each day will engage 120 global leaders in business, the public sector and academia  to discuss the varying economic, societal and environmental aspects of sustainability. Each of the Summit’s nine days has a unique theme including cities, energy, transportation, skills & people, youth, supply chain, finance and analytics.

The final day of the vent will combine the work of all days into a discussion on Smarter Business.

This is not an “IBM Conference” but a debate and discussion across the business community and thus will fuel a lot of commentary for media which we’re looking to fill out a schedule and see what might be possible/work best with you.

Speakers at Start: Not to name drop but…..
Sam Palmisano, Chairman & CEO IBM, Ginni Rometty, Senior vice president IBM Sales, Marketing and Strategy,  Sir Stuart Rose, Chairman, Marks & Spencer, Ian Cheshire, Chairman, Start Advisory Board; CEO, Kingfisher, Peter Marks, CEO, The Co-Operative Group,
Stella McCartney, Designer, Ken Livingstone as well as various UK and European government officials.

Schedule of Topics
Wednesday September  8: Smarter Cities
Thursday September 9: Energy
Friday September 10: Transport
Saturday September 11: Skills
Sunday September 12: Future business leaders
Monday September 13: Smarter supply chains
Tuesday September 14: Financing sustainability
Wednesday September 15: Information revolution & analytics
Thursday September 16: The final day of the Summit will bring together the key issues and ideas coming out of the prior 8 days of discussion and debate under the umbrella of Smarter Business.

If you missed some of the first press coverage, you can find out more  in a series on Smarter Cities published by The Guardian

So is your city smart ?!

Day 1 Summary Video


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