Social media weekly news & Happy Labor day USA !

Happy Labor day USA !

And here is some interesting Social media and internet news for this week :

  • Privacy setting, regulations, do’s and don’ts—they’re all things you normally don’t like to think about when talking about social media, because social media needs to be quick and efficient: The Guardian released a really interesting article about the possible “threat” technology poses to our private lives
  • “Move over influencers; advocates are more valuable to brands”—this is how the article “Social Media and the Era of Customer Advocacy“ starts.
  • When you talk about social media at the moment, you won’t be able to not talk about locations, specifically, location-based services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places or Google Maps. Advertising Age announced that Google is offering a new marketing possibility for brands: sponsored map icons that allow the companies to pay for their logos to show up directly on Google Maps.

And finally,  it’s worth checking out the recently released State of Search Marketing industry report from  Reform Digital.  They interviewed 100 client-side  search and digital marketing specialists (from the UK ) to get an idea of how they are approaching search in their organisations.


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