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Hi there, some top social news for this week …

Forty-five percent of IBM Business Partners are experimenting with a social media business strategy to generate new revenue streams; however, three quarters say they still are uncertain how to apply it as an effective sales tool, according to survey results from 1,000 IBM worldwide partners. In response to the survey results, IBM launched a new skills initiative designed to provide its business partners with education on effective use of social media to support their growth

IBM announced that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is adopting IBM social software to support the way thousands of employees connect and interact

For Aggregated Services Router (ASR) launch, Cisco aimed to execute entirely online leveraging social media. The company built a stage with big-screen monitors, chairs for the audience and palm trees for its flagship launch event – entirely in a Second Life environment. More than 9,000 people (90 times more than past launches) from 128 countries attended virtual launch events. Without travel, the launch saved an estimated 42,000 gallons of gas

In a recent survey conducted by, two million people comprising around 6 per cent of Britain’s 34 million-strong workforce spend an hour every day adding friends, uploading pictures and videos and tweeting. Analysts fear the resulting productivity loss could amount to as much as £14 billion a year

According to a study presented at a Pivot Conference (in partnership with Extra Mile Research) — “Marketers’ Current and Future Use of Social Media,” 63% of marketers are already investing in social media marketing, and of the 37% that are not currently investing in social media marketing, 62% are planning to invest, including 46% who plan to do so within one year

Cisco recently won a “Best Use of Facebook” award for their Facebook fan page ( The page was originally created to aggregate all of Cisco’s social networks and content into one channel and create a unique experience for their fans, and now it’s grown to almost 80,000 members strong

Social media tools are being put to practical supply chain use in businesses such as Con-way, where Twitter feeds are helping match carriers with available freight

Seventeen magazine offered a special subscription deal to its over 64,000 Twitter followers. If readers paid up front, they could get a $5 year-long subscription to the magazine through a link in a tweet

According to an estimate from EMarketer Inc., facebook and rival operators of social-networking websites will see advertising sales rise 29 percent next year as marketers become increasingly drawn to their audiences. Ad spending on social sites will grow to $4.26 billion from an estimated $3.3 billion this year as per the New York digital advertising research firm

Wipro Ltd., India’s third largest software exporter, has taken the lead by putting up guidelines for blogging both on internal and on public sites.


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