Rethinking Mobile Email: IBM Research’s Mail Triage Project

To help address the explosion in mobile devices, IBM today announced new software, services and research projects at the opening of new software development lab. One research prototype, called Mail Triage, was shown as an iPhone application that helps workers inundated with e-mails to more quickly assess what emails need immediate action and those that can be deleted or handled later. Other software announced at the event was devoted to helping wireless network providers manage cell phone towers and the data running through them. A beta of an Android-based #Lotus Notes Traveler was also launched.

The grand opening of the new lab, which has dual sites, will house 3,400 IBM researchers and developers.

In 2009 IBM Research announced its “Mobile Web Big Bet” and dedicated people resources and $100 million to advance mobile services and capabilities for businesses and consumers worldwide. Since then, the company has kicked off a number of related Research initiatives, including an open source project with the National Institute of Design of India and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, to explore an open, common user interface for mobile devices to make them more accessible for those who are illiterate, blind, deaf, etc.

Currently, the IBM Mail Triage project is a prototype application, for use by IBM employees, and as part of ongoing research, scientists plan to make the prototype available in beta form externally in the future.

A paper on the Mobile Triage project is available here.

For more information about IBM Research, please visit IBM Research or Made in IBM Labs.  You can also follow IBM Research on Twitter @IBMResearch.


One thought on “Rethinking Mobile Email: IBM Research’s Mail Triage Project

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