IBM to acquire Coremetrics

IBM announced its intent to acquire Coremetrics, a web analytics and marketing optimization firm headquartered in San Mateo, California, for an undisclosed sum. Coremetrics solutions help companies measure and improve the effectiveness of online marketing programs.

Companies are faced with an increasingly complex set of digital outlets to interact with customers, ranging from websites and mobile applications to e-mail and aggregator sites. Businesses must continuously focus on enhancing the customer experience and respond quickly to the changing landscape to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace.

Results from the IBM 2010 CEO Study showed:


88% of CEOs will focus on getting closer to their customers in next 5 years

82% of CEOs want to better understand customer needs

85% of CEOs require more visibility into their businesses

70 percent of a consumer’s first interaction with a product or service takes place online.

IBM and Coremetrics will combine to deliver broader cross-channel marketing and customer experience solutions to help marketing professionals achieve business agility.

The combined capabilities of IBM and Coremetrics will help clients gain enhanced customer insights through cross-channel analytics and metrics to measure marketing effectiveness and enable proactive response.

The expanded portfolio will enrich the customer experience by delivering targeted interactions with cross-channel intelligent offers and recommendations and enable organizations to automate and optimize marketing efforts.

Coremetrics’ solutions are delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and their technology provides the insight and tools to target customers with relevant content or products.

Coremetrics will become part of the IBM Software Application and Integration Middleware unit.

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