IBM DB2 Database Software – Rome, #iod2010 Announcement

Client Demand for Better Performance at Lower Cost Accelerates

the Movement to IBM DB2 Database Software

ROME, Italy, May 20, 2010 IBM announced today a new feature that allows clients to more easily move their applications written for Sybase ASE to DB2 – adding to the support for Oracle Database applications introduced last year. Clients such as BJC Healthcare and Pep Boys are already testing the feature to move their industry applications from Sybase ASE to DB2 to help reduce IT costs and achieve overall better performance.

Current economic conditions are driving companies to consolidate and standardize their IT environments with lower cost, energy-efficient, more scalable infrastructure.  Companies in all industries can have up to thousands of applications and dozens of database management systems that need to interact with one another, that are either purchased or received through an acquisition.  These systems create redundant hardware, software, administration — increasing IT costs.

“We understand the pressures clients face to increase the overall performance of their organizations streamline their processes while also reducing costs,” said Arvind Krishna, General Manager, IBM Information Management.

“We are eager to eliminate unnecessary costs by reducing the level of complexity our IT staff need to support,” said Tom Holdener, Lead Architect at BJC HealthCare

Here is  Don Haderle, Father of IBM DB2, discussing the rise of analytics … fascinating …

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