Early Coverage #IOD2010, Rome May 18-21

More than 2,800 clients, partners, press and analysts gathered in Rome to discuss the critical role business analytics and information plays in transforming businesses and governments, and how analytics is a key ingredient to driving IBM’s Smarter Planet vision.

Ron Ercanbrack, IBM vice president of enterprise content management, spotlights IBM business analytics customer success stories during the IOD EMEA Conference morning keynote session, Wednesday May 19, in Rome, Italy.

Nearly 60 reporters, bloggers and analysts attended the conference representing countries across EMEA. The announcements further built on last week’s Investor Briefing where Sam Palmisano cited analytics as a key growth area for the company and CFO, Mark Loughridge stated that IBM projects $16 billion in business analytics and optimization revenue by 2015.

We announced new analytics software and services to help clients manage the challenge of data deluge and gain faster insight into critical business information. We also announced client wins including Avis Europe, FujiFilm Imaging and Hildebrand on their use of business analytics focused on outcomes.

Arvind Krishna, IBM general manager, information management, discusses IBM’s latest innovations in information management and business analytics solutions during the IOD EMEA Conference morning keynote session, Wednesday May 19, in Rome, Italy.

Initial coverage included below. We are expecting additional stories from across EMEA in the coming days. We’ve seen over 3,500 tweets on the news.

As part of IOD social media strategy (URLs included in the “Social Media” section below),
We shot a video with Mike Rhodin on the decade of smart and and audio clip Rob Ashe on analytics
Audio clip with Avis Rent-a-Car Europe on business transformation stemming from predictive analytics
Video with Guido Bartels, GM, E&U on IBM’s smart grid efforts and its tie to analytics
Smarter Planet blog post by CIO of Hildebrand, UK-based energy consultant on their collaboration with IBM on a smart metering project
Hosted blogger sessions at the conference–  Deep Dive on Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics goes mainstream
Hosted a reporter and blogger tour of the Smarter Future Experience Zone, highlighting analytics innovations from IBM’s Hurley Lab

Key Highlights:

IBM is teaming with energy consultant Hildebrand to provide consumers in certain U.K. with real-time analysis of electricity usage for households in order to make better decisions about energy efficiency in the home and minimize their environmental impact.  — Dow Jones

It is a huge part of IBM’s business as well. In the last five years, the firm has invested $11 billion in 18 acquisitions related to business analytics and recruited 5,000 extra consultants. In just the last year, it has constructed seven new analytics centres across the world. The company also believes it will see $16 billion in revenue from IBM business analytics offerings by 2015. — IT Pro

Homeowners will be able to access their information online, viewing electricity usage state and then using the IBM analytics technology to analyze their usage against group dynamics or against known pricing information. — ZD Net

“According to Bernie Spang…support for Hadoop gives customers access to an approach to analyze large amounts of data, which is now generally referred to as “Big Data.” This approach to managing large-scale sets of data is quickly emerging as an alternative to traditional databases that can’t typically handle the massive sets of data.” – CTO Edge

“Analytics is key in helping businesses organise the information that is relevant to them. This includes data from the past and in the present using real-time analysis, while predictive analytics can help stand organisations in good stead for any future occurrences, Ashe said.” – IT Pro

Rob Ashe, IBM general manager, business analytics, details IBM’s business analytics strategy during the IOD EMEA Conference morning keynote session, Wednesday May 19, in Rome, Italy.

“As the internet grows to two billion active users, firms need to be able to manage the information being created and draw benefits from it. Allowing them to do this is vital to help generate new revenues and create business models that work.” – Rob Ashe, IBM  — V3 UK

With its new suite of predictive analytics applications built on top of its core SPSS analytics engine, IBM is trying to make these types of applications more accessible to business users as part of an effort to “democratize analytics.” — CTO

“Rob Ashe, IBM’s general manager for business analytics, explained that the new technology is part of the firm’s ‘Decade of Smart’ vision, in which Big Blue is committed to giving organisations the ability to make instant and accurate use of the vast amount of data now being created and received.” – V3 UK

Guido Bartels, general manager of Energy & Utilities…”Giving citizens more information and better control over their energy use will cut down on costs and consumption as well as reduce their overall impact on the environment. “With this collaboration, we can demonstrate how smart and connected communities can be more energy conscious and in turn, more sustainable.” — Enery Business Review

“IBM said that it is expanding its portfolio and furthering its investments in information and analytics with new services and solutions for business and IT professionals to address the emerging challenge companies face around the petabytes of data.” – Computer Business Review

“IBM has been aggressive in consuming and repackaging open-source projects such as the Apache Web server and Hadoop to make them part of the core of their offerings. And, really, IBM has no choice but to remain on the cutting edge, and Hadoop retains a great deal of buzz related to large-scale data processing.” – CNET

“We are just beginning to learn what is possible with IBM streaming analytics,” says Gunnar Söderholm, head of Environmental Administration for the city of Stockholm. “We are excited to investigate smarter transportation solutions to better manage our roadways and public transportation systems and help commuters get to their destination the quickest way possible.” — Smarter Technology


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