IBM launches ‘three-clicks’ analytics tool – Rome May 19th

ROME #iod2010 : IBM has unveiled its latest software tool designed to allow firms to quickly and accurately forecast any potential new business processes or business changes caused by market conditions.

Rob Ashe, IBM’s general manager for business analytics, explained that the new tool is part of the firm’s ‘Decade of Smart’ vision, in which IBM  is committed to giving organisations the ability to make instant and accurate use of the vast amount of data now being created and received.

“Most loss we see in businesses is due to inefficiencies while, conversely, firms using information and analytics generate much higher growth, revenue and profits. As such, being able to generate possible future models and behaviours is a tool we believe will provide yet more benefits,” he said.

IBM added that the new Decision Management software will also help to provide a more seamless collaboration hub for different users by creating one framework in which data can be viewed and worked on. This will allow multiple users to run different scenarios through the system.

The software is available worldwide. More information here

To learn more about IBM business analytics please visit:

To learn more about SPSS, an IBM Company, please visit:


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