La dolce vita – Day 1 – Meet with Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim #iod2010

Well, I just arrived in sunny Roma and made it to the Marriot hotel with a very nice gentleman who kindly taxi shared. Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim, so Merci Wolfgang ! And not that I’m biased but let me tell you quickly about his presentation tomorrow. Before that though, quick overview of the situation here, beautiful hotel, beautiful room. I bumped into Paul Mitchell, Director SWG SW IOT  in the lobby as well as Tom  Inman, Vice President, IOD Acceleration, @nicod92160 was tweeting about the “Dinner pour la Delegation Francaise” – Dinner for the French attendees of #iod2010. There is also the BPs dinner, and a lot of other dinner taking place tonight… I have to go with my french colleagues though tonight… If the situation changes, I let you know. Now, my phone is not yet fully operating, so do DM me on twitter but safest option would be to old fashion call me +44 772 0414493. So, Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim, Information Agenda Executive, North East Europe is going to be presenting tomorrow at 4:15pm on a very exiting topic : Information agenda :

// Resources are scarce. Costs are high. Information is siloed. Time to react is short. You need an information strategy to retain a competitive advantage.
So join Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim tomorrow at 4:15pm at #iod2010 to learn more about this topic

One thought on “La dolce vita – Day 1 – Meet with Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim #iod2010

  1. Delph, I’m glad to see you arrived safely in Rome. 🙂 Looking forward to your live coverage of the IOD event this week!

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