Rob Ashe, General Manager, Business Analytics, Rome – Wednesday May 19th – 16.15 h.

IOD EMEA Conference 21010 – Rome – Wednesday May 19th – 16.15 h. – Session ID: 3854 “Understand. Predict. Decide. Act. Business Analytics for Optimizing Your Business”

Rob Ashe, General Manager, Business Analytics, IBM
Leah MacMillan, Director, Market Strategy & Thought Leadership Business Analytics

Imagine everyone in your organization can understand how their business is doing and why. Imagine predicting potential outcomes and planning for better business performance. This is the value of Business Analytics: the proven ability to inform decision-makers, align their decisions with objectives and engage them in optimizing performance in every department, in every industry, every day. Hear from Rob Ashe, General Manager, IBM Business Analytics, as he shares his vision for business analytics and his strategy for the IBM portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance & strategy management and analytic applications. See IBM Cognos and SPSS software in action addressing real-life business scenarios.


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