Do you want to work smarter, not harder ? Do you want to be in Vegas May 2- 7 ?

First of all, and if you haven’t heard it from elsewhere,IBM  IMPACT is the largest BPM event in the world!  No matter where you are at in your BPM journey, attending IMPACT 2010 in Las Vegas will provide you with education, hands-on labs, demos, access to industry experts, thought leaders…

Getting started with BPM is a question many organizations ask when they are looking to implement a first BPM project. BPM is a method for defining and managing the way you run your business, translating directly to your business processes. To do it effectively, you need to leverage software technology with tools and run-times to define, design, model, simulate, deploy and manage your business processes.

The Websphere team has created a blog event where   you will find a wealth of information relating to Impact 2010

  • Event highlights and reasons to attend
  • Speaker interviews
  • In-depth features on our business partners
  • Live blogging from the event floor
  • Highlights from other blogs and discussions around the net
  • Links to webcasts and other great content

So make sure you bookmark this blog or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Other places of interest around Impact 2010:

And if you are still not convince, that there is no other place to be on May 2 – 7th , then, have a look at this

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