#escpmc2 – how to harness the two-way-communication marketing trend ? And more importantly, how to make these all these conversations actionable?

M2C, ESCP Europe, Paris - Av de La Republique 22 Mars 2010

On 22/23, I was lucky enough to attend the M2C event in Paris at ESCP Europe, Av de La Republique amongst many others  It reminded me of my days when I was leaving in Paris (13 years ago… yes … that long…) and 11th Arrondissement was my territory – I lived on  Rue Oberkampf and spent most of my time at Le Cafe Charbon… Anyway, back to M2C event  , There were lot of really wonderful presentations from many great brands and companies, so let me share some of my takeaways from this great event. But before I do that, let me thanks Nils and the team for such a magnificent cocktail champagne in La Cour du Louvre, followed by a fantastic dinner at Le Saut du Loup, Musee des Arts Decoratifs – With that being said,  let me start of course with @paulineo presentation:

Pauline Ores, IBM
Influence Starts @ Home

  • As a B2B company, in order to influence, you must be influenced. Be knowledgeable, respond quickly, and don’t forget to react.
  • The potential insights you gain by “listening” to your customers on the social web can only make an impact on your business if you turn around and feed that information inside, then grow upon it internally. At IBM, they use a highly successful internal social networking to drive innovation and improvement. No matter how big your company is, it’s essential for the internal communication to react rapidly to the external communication in order to see results.

Emmanuel Vivier, Vanksen
6 Rules to Fail With Social Media

  • “Marketing is like karma,” you have to give something if you want to get something.  You have to offer customers value to make your social media strategy work.
  • He offered the following update to Forrester’s 2007 “POST” strategy for social media marketing:
    • Profile: understand the activities of your audience
    • Objectives: Decide what you want to accomplish
    • Strategies: What is the creative idea? message?
    • Tools: What tools, formats, platforms?
    • Evaluate: What metrics and KPI?

Thank you  Emmanuel  for creating the list  of all the attendees on Twitter

Steve Knox, Tremor (Proctor & Gamble) – One of my favourite presentation
Perspectives on Innovative Word-of-Mouth Advertising — P&G Learnings and Future Outlook for Brand Markers

  • Amplification of your brand without advocacy of your brand is a waste. (Don’t be caught with a “successful” viral marketing scheme that no one associates with your company.)
  • A brief lesson in cognitive theory: To save brainpower, our minds operate in terms of “schema” — patterns that determine our expectations of a situation. Our attention can be grabbed when a schema is interrupted (things happen in an unexpected way) OR when two schema are combined in a “conceptual blend.” Brands must work to make their marking “mildly, not wildly, incongruous” with our existing schema if they want to get our attention

Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe
Will the Next Wave Be Intention?

  • In Web 2.0, marketing has gone in waves: social marketing > viral marketing > location-based. Is “intention based” the next wave?
  • MARC DAVIS, INVENTION ARTS Marc Davis, visionary technologist and inventor, is Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Invention Arts.  , and publications.

All the presentation of the event, can be found here  and M2C is also on Facebook – well, who isn’t ?! #escpm2c


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